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    Thread: Dry socket healing questions

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      Unhappy Dry socket healing questions

      - I had 2 of my partially-impacted wisdom teeth pulled on Thurs Aug 24 (one upper, one lower) under local anesthesia only. No stitches

      - The dentist prescribed me an NSAID for pain (a 6-day course)

      - I tried to last out the pain, but by the next day (Fri) it was so painful that I got the prescrip filled

      - I took the NSAID for Fri and Sat as prescribed: 2 pills (500mg) in the morning, then two more pills during the day, total of 1000mg a day

      - By Sunday my abdominal pain was so excruciating that I stopped taking the NSAID but it had already seriously damaged my stomach and intestines

      - I took Advil and Tylenol instead as my dentist said, but it did nothing for the pain

      - My tooth was radiating pain along my jaw, but my abdominal pain was far worse

      - I could no longer sleep at night due to all the pain

      - Eating and drinking hurt my stomach and I felt better when I didn't eat

      - I could no longer absorb food and started having constant diarrhea

      - I dropped a lot of weight and am now in the 80-pound range

      - I started blacking out from lack of nourishment/low weight

      - My urine was dark orange from dehydration

      - I went back to the dentist nearly a week later (Wed Aug 30) because I was still having pain on the lower jaw and he said I had dry socket and packed it and prescribed me a course of preventative antibiotics. He told me to just take Advil when I told him about the problems with the NSAID (he didn't seem concerned at all)

      - I disregarded his advice and stopped taking all painkillers. After 24 hours with no painkillers my stomach started to feel better (though still couldn't absorb food)

      - I filled my 7-day course of antibiotics that day and started taking them as prescribed (3 a day)

      - The socket started hurting again the next day so I went back for a repack on Thurs Aug 31. At this point the receptionist intervened on my behalf and got the dentist to prescribe me Tylenol 3 (codeine), which I've only taken once

      - On that day (Thurs Aug 31), the dentist said it should take about 10 days to heal

      - I went back for a repack the next week on Thurs Sept 7. This different dentist told me it should take about 2 more weeks to heal

      - I'm basically housebound right now due to the pain and GI issues that resulted from the drugs prescribed for my wisdom tooth removal (NSAID then antibiotics), and I still have dry socket

      - The socket looks IDENTICAL to how it looked the day after the extraction (which was the first time I looked at it.) It's still a gaping hole with no visible improvement, despite being 19 days after extraction

      - The last packing was pretty loose and it has completely come out of my mouth, leaving the socket bare.

      I have 3 questions:

      1) Can this dry socket heal over without any packing in it? Or do I have to go back AGAIN to this dentist?

      2) Shouldn't there be some improvement in appearance by now? Shouldn't it be healed over by now?

      3) Does it heal bottom-up? Or is it supposed to heal over from the top (gums covering over the hole)?

      Thanks for your help. Needless to say, I'm absolutely miserable and terrified of dentists now.

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      Default Re: Dry socket healing questions

      Hi if things haven't improved then yes you need to go back.

      I would have thought that things would be looking a bit better by now but dry socket slows down the healing.

      Extraction sockets heal from the inside out meaning from the bottom up.

      I hope you feel better soon but do go back as many times as you need to until things start to improve.

      All the best to you

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