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      Dr. Michael Sokolosky -- oral surgeon
      869 Oakwood Rd
      Charleston, WV 25314
      Phone: (304) 343-5161

      "I will ONLY go to this doctor. He is really good with skaredy-cats, and is very understanding, too. I have to get 4 wisdom teeth extracted and I'm waiting for 2 weeks for him to have an opening, rather than go somewhere else and get it taken care of now (even though it REALLY hurts.)"

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      I am waiting on an appt with Dr. Sokolosky also. Have gone before and was well pleased. I am a super scaredy cat. In fact, had my first visit today with Dr. Lorena Surber. I was very well please with her and her staff.
      On the list where it asks about fear of dentist, choice was very, somewhat, none. I wrote, very, very, very afraid.
      Dr. Surber was very comforting and very gentle. She checked me out today and I am starting treatments on Thursday. I am going to have a full denture on upper, two lower removed and added to my existing partial. And also some periodontal work.

      I have had such fear over the years, I have been somewhat neglecful.

      Hope all goes well with you.

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