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      I am new here and am currently unfortunate to be suffering with a HUGE gum abscess.

      I have just finished a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection and now I have this abscess on my gum. I have an appointment with the Dentist tomorrow morning and am going to insist on the abscess being drained as I have researched abscesses and it says this is the usual course of treatment.

      I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and do not want to be given another course of antibiotics so can the Dentist refuse to drain it? Also, what does this involve? Is is painfull? Will I be given a local?

      Also, in the meantime, the abscess has started to leak - small amounts of yellow stuff, blood and obviously, it tastes vile. Is this dangerous to me? I am trying not to swallow any of it (obviously!) and spit it out but if I do happen to swallow any, will it harm me or my baby?

      I am terrified of the Dentist....hardly have any teeth and the abscess isn't over a tooth because I don't have one there. How on earth did I get an abscess with no decayed tooth???!!!

      Some help would be much appreciated

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      Draining is only possible if the abscess is well defined, if it's diffuse then it's very difficult to achieve. Since there's pus making its way into your mouth, then the abscess actually is draining.

      Since we're on the subject of pus in your mouth, it won't harm you or your baby and it's perfectly safe to swallow it. Your stomach acids will destroy any bacteria still alive in the pus within about 30 secs of it being swallowed :-)

      I'm guessing that there's a rotting piece of tooth root down below the gum there that has sparked this off. An x-ray should give more information and it would be reasonable to do this, in spite of you being pregnant because you have an acute infection present.

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