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    Thread: Bad, continuous pain after crown prep... :(

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      Default Bad, continuous pain after crown prep... :(

      Hello all,

      I am a "recovered" dental phobic. I was a member of this site (I forget my old login info!) a few years ago, and managed to get past my fears for the most part. I had my wisdom teeth removed no problems, a bone graft in my jaw and a root lengthening... regular cleanings, and a complete ortho treatment including a jaw expander device and Invisalign.

      Anyhow, I just finished up my Invisalign - I still wear them, but as retainers. So the time came to get my back molars (the twelve-year molars) crowned - they erupted without enamel and have been a problem my whole life, and I think one of the causes of my original fear! I was nervous about the crown prep because I had it done once before, only they were only capped, not crowned, with terrible results (the cap fell off causing me extreme sensitivity pain... and then put back on by an emerg. dentist with no freezing and even more extreme pain!)

      I went along anyway, with a healthy dose of nitrous. They did both sides at once so only locally froze the teeth, and I had difficulty staying numb. So many needles, agh. The procedure in itself was not bad besides the needles. They didn't put temp crowns on because the teeth are almost nonexistantly small - almost the same height as my gums! They just put this tooth-coloured coating on and cured it with some sort of heating gun thing. Afterwards, I had very bad pain in my left molar. They gave me ibuprofin and sent me home with an appointment in two weeks to have gold crowns placed.

      I was fine after the meds kicked in. Until four hours later, when they wore off! Didn't think anything much of it, figured I would be sore for a day or two.

      Fast forward four days. I was still taking ibuprofin every six hours or so. The temporary coating on my right molar cracked and fell off. I had an emerg appt the next morning with a different dentist, who redid it and told me I had to see my regular dr right away the next day he was in because it should not still be hurting.

      A day later, the temporary coating on the right side cracks and falls off again. I make another emerg appt the same day with yet another dentist. They call me back a few hours later and tell me that they contacted my normal dr and he cancelled that appt, wants me to see him. So I go on for another day, and go in to see him again.

      This is a week to the day after the initial procedure happened. Still, I am taking ibuprofin every few hours. You're supposed to take max 1200mg a day according to the bottle, I'm topping out around 3200mg a day! If I didn't I had extreme pain in either side intermittently, or both at once, randomly. This is not sensitivity pain or pain when I bite on the teeth. It comes regardless of what I am doing. It wakes me up in my sleep as soon as the meds wear off. I can eat, drink, brush my teeth and do everything fine when I'm on the meds - no sensitivity. It's just constant extreme pain coming from the tooth, sometimes both sides, sometimes just one or the other. It's so frustrating and hurts so badly that I cry during the half an hour when meds wear off and kick in again.

      My dentist re-did the coating for the third time and tried to figure out why I was in pain, but couldn't. He said if it keeps hurting he'll do a root canal on both teeth before the crown is placed.

      I am TERRIFIED once again! Why does it hurt so badly? Is it really safe to take this much ibuprofin? Should my dentist be doing more to help me? And the root canals - everyone I talk to says they are absolutely HORRIBLE! I don't want to get those! What if that doesn't work either? I can hardly function with the pain I'm in.... I'm sick of waking up from pain in the night and crying! I am so stressed!!


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      Default Re: Bad, continuous pain after crown prep... :(

      You're taking way too much ibuprophen, try mixing it with a different pain killer, like paracetamol, otherwise you risk liver damage.

      Occasionally when you do a crown prep, a tooth which has been kind of waiting to flare up takes this as the cue to go and off it goes.

      Root canals aren't as bad as they're cracked up to be, lots of posts here from people who've had them and found them easy peasy. Including me about a month back :-)

      Get back to your own dentist as soon as you can, definitely something more definitive needs to be done here.
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