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      So, my bottom right molar at the back needs to be pulled. Not the wisdom tooth, the one before it (or the one that USED to be before it.. no more wisdom teeth for me ...) It's been infected for about a month and a half on and off (with antibiotics) and has been causing me pain for a bit longer than that. A piece of it has broken off and it's in pretty gruesome shape. I really don't want to keep it, I want it pulled.

      I was at the dentist on Saturday, they were gonna pull it when they did my root canal, but I couldn't force myself to handle it after she said that I'd feel alot of pressure on my jaw. . .

      So, she referred me to a specialist that I went to, to get my wisdom teeth out.

      They are going to check to see if any of my other teeth need pulled too, because my dentist only x-rayed my bottom teeth. (When I say to see if they need pulled, I mean if they need root canals - cause I can't afford root canals, they're so expensive here! Errr - and painful! but that could have been because of the infection and the freezing didn't take right.)

      But, anyway, my question I suppose is, is it silly of me to ask for deep IV sedation or GA for something that's only going to take 10 seconds or so? Either way it will depend on what the specialist says, but I'm way too scared Orthospam to do it fully awake!

      I really don't think I can handle it with just a local anesthetic.

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      Hi, there. I posted under support today also..
      I had 2 teeth pulled so far, I am a 40 yr. old woman.
      Very phobic. Had a molar pulled last fall. IV sedation!
      Best thing on the planet. You are hooked up to IV,
      you are chatiting away, next thing you are out cold. Then you pop up and are awake it is like no time has passed. And it is over. That's it. Now I had another tooth pulled on top years ago and I did not feel any pain put I did feel the sensation of pulling.
      I don't advise that. It was barbaric. Again you just feel pressure no pain. I am the type of person I will not lie to anyone if you ask me how it was. IV sedation is great. You are hooked up, and it is all over. Tooth is out and you can move on...

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      If you feel like you need sedation for the extraction, then why not? It's a service which the dentist should be happy to provide for you if you want it. Let's face it, you'll be paying for it :-)
      Despite appearances to the contrary, Gordon has been a qualified dentist for over thirty years.

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