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    Thread: My New dentures are unwearable

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      Default My New dentures are unwearable

      I just don't know what to do, and i found this forum after turning to the net for help.
      I've worn a partial denture on my upper and lower jaw since i was 14 as i lost my front teeth to decay and dental phobia.
      I had a metal partial denture made about 20 years ago for my upper jaw, and fitted perfectly, but as you can probably guess, its wornn down over time, and now no longer has any teeth left on the left hand side ( I'm down to the metal cradle there and the teeth on the right hand side are wearing down too ) as for my lower jaw, my denture has sunk as my gum line has receded and now my denture teeth sit far lower than the remaining natural teeth, as this is at the front it makes me look a bit like a bull dog ( A "friends" description ! of my teeth )
      So earlier this year a local dentist advertised that it was taking on NHS patients, I managed to get a place, and waited the long months for my precious apointment, which resulted in last week, I recived my brand spanking new Partial dentures, But...But....They just Don't fit.
      My upper denture would not stay in place at all and kept dropping down ( it did this at the fitting apointment too but the dentist said he would tighten it )when I was in the chair, so the dentist kept drilling bits of it away, and eventually just covered it in poly grip and put it in my mouth.
      The bottom partial denture, wedged itself in okay, but it has a slight gap between one of my natural teeth and a slight overlap on the natural tooth the other side, and it makes me Whistle when i talk as well as being a huge food trap, it isn't even close to fitting my actual gum so eating with it is impossible.
      I cannot wear them , my job involves talking to customers all day.
      Bits of polygrip kept working loose from my upper plate from the gap where the dentist had drilled off the acrylic , and I am just so sad and disapointed.
      I knew that an acrylic partial denture would not be the same as my metal denture but I just do not have the money for him to make me one privately,
      I just hope perhaps someone can tell me if I have to acept that I've left it too late now for NHS dentures, or if there is anything I can do ( besides tons of adhesive, and learning to ignore the funny looks when I whistle my way through a conversation )
      I'm wearing my old partials currently,
      Thanks in advance to any one who reads all of this.

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      Default Re: My New dentures are unwearable

      contact the dental surgery and let them know that you are having problems and want an appointment asap to see the dentist.
      the dentist should agree to do what he can to help if you are unable to wear the dentures and there are obvious problems with them.
      dentures can be notoriously problematic- but you should be able to get to a set that you can use on the NHS! There is often a period of adjustment with new dentures- but from your description it sounds like there are problems that need to be addressed.
      it may be that he can adjust them to make them fit- or perhaps he could send them back to the lab for them to be relined or adjusted there. he may be concerned that this might involve more lab charges- but i find that most labs will do what they can to help and not re-charge the dentist if the denture isn't fitting properly.
      hope you get this sorted out
      dr mike
      Dr Mike Gow BDS (Gla) MFDS RCPS (Gla) MSc Hyp (Lon) PGCert (Edin)
      The Berkeley Clinic, Glasgow

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      Default Re: My New dentures are unwearable

      WOW- Thankyou so much Dr mike for such an amazing quick reply.
      I'm used to internet forums where a question can take a few days for replys to come in,
      so i only came back to have a look round and see if i could pick up any more info, and saw you'd replyed !, again Thankyou so much, I really apreciate it.
      I will do as you surgest, and I will ring the surgery tomorrow for another apointment, and basically explain the problems that prevent me from wearing the dentures, hopefully I will be able to provide some "Happy" updates.
      Fingers crossed.

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