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    Thread: Any one had IV Sedation for Root Canal Treatment?

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      Default Any one had IV Sedation for Root Canal Treatment?

      Hi all. Posted a few times on this site.

      The closer my appointment gets, the more I am trying to figure out how IV sedation can stop you feeling any actual pain. I mean, I know it calms you down, and makes you woozy so you are not lying there terrified, and I also know I am having local injections to numb me up.

      I have had root canals before, without IV sedation, where I didn't get properly numb and felt everything. This is one of the reasons why why I am now phobic.

      I don't really understand sedation. I would prefer to be completely knocked out, but they don't do that anymore do they. So, if I am just sedated, and the injections don't numb me again like last time will I still be aware of the pain...? Or will it not bother me even if I feel it? Or will I be so sleepy I won't feel it at all? I have read some people have said the last thing they remembered was the scratch in the hand then they woke up and it was all over. I thought IV sedation just made you woozy and calm?

      I keep thinking if I feel that pain again I will shoot out of the chair again and be half way down the street before anyone can catch me

      Thanks for any help

      Recipe: To cure twenty years of severe dental phobia, take THIS FORUM, mix it with one brilliant dentist and a small amount of IV sedation. After three years, you will be left with one HAPPY SMILING ex phobic who finally has nice healthy teeth!

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      Default Re: Any one had IV Sedation for Root Canal Treatme

      The IV works by relaxing you deeply, so that your pulse and BP go back to "resting" levels and the local has a chance to work properly, before your blood comes thundering through your veins driven by your panicking and washes it all away.

      The other effect of IV drugs is to produce an amnesia effect of between 4 and 12 hrs, so you literally won't remember a thing about the treatment. See in the support sections for reports on this.

      General anaesthetic for root canals is rarely justified, I certainly won't do it unless in very unusual circumstances.
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