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    Thread: losing all my teeth and I am petrified

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      Default losing all my teeth and I am petrified

      Sinve July I have been losing my teeth. At this point I don't have any front teeth or teeth on the upper left side. My dentist suggest I pull them all out because they are in such rough shape. I am petrified. That will be 16 teeth in one extraction
      I have been awake for all my extractions, but for the remaining teeth my dentist suggested an oral surgeon and laughing gas. I am terrified of the gas. My husband loved it and thinks I am nuts for staying awake for all my extractions. But I am afraid of needles in my arms.
      I am also terrified of the recovery. For all my other extractions, my recoveries have not been easy. Actually I had 2 molars pulled last week and I am still in pain. My teeth lock into the jawbone, so it takes work to get them out. My jaw feels like a mac truck hit it. 16 teeth recovery sounds horrible. I know they give you pain killers, but oxycodine makes me itch and I am allergic Tylenol with codeine. What else could they give. 16 teeth, I can't get over it. I am going to be in so much pain

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      Default Re: losing all my teeth and I am petrified

      Sounds like a pain....but it will be a temporary pain. The pain from teeth hurting, not being able to chew, not being able to sleep, and not being able to smile will all be over soon. It will be a new chapter in your life. THink of it this way, a few weeks of soup and shakes should let you lose quite few pounds (not as if I;ve ever seen you, but who can;t stand to lose a few?) That should only help with your new look. You;re in for a massive, possitive change and you should be excited, not worried. Think of the new you the entire time and it should help. Congratulations and best of luck!

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