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    Thread: About how long does a cleaning take?

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      Default About how long does a cleaning take?

      I'm getting a cleaning and x-rays done on Wednesday. I'm pretty nervous, and I'm just wondering how long a cleaning takes. I had one once, when I was little (maybe 10) and it was excruciating. I'm wondering if, in the past 11 or so years, methods have changed and this WON'T hurt?

      As well as approximately how long it will take.

      My teeth are not yellow, or stained much at all. They're actually quite white as I have always brushed 2-3 times per day, and limited my....sugar....and everything else intake.

      Anyway. Very nervous here, wondering about the length and pain amount.

      I know I have one cavity, whats the deal with that, they won't like hit it with a metal spike while cleaning, will they?


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      Default Re: About how long does a cleaning take?

      Depends how much needs cleaned, how conscientious the hygienist is and how fast they work. The norm is between 20 and 30 mins in private practice.
      Things have improved greatly in hygiene over the last few years, with some excellent surface anaesthetic agents available if things are sensitive.
      Despite appearances to the contrary, Gordon has been a qualified dentist for over thirty years.

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