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      I had a very deep filling in my back molar where an impacted wisdom tooth had caused decay. At the time the dentist was concerned that I may need a root canal. This was a few months back, about a month ago I was getting severe pain when I put any pressure on the tooth, as the filling feels slightly too high this meant that whenever I closed my mouth I was in pain. When I couldn't eat or talk I picked up the courage to go back to the dentist. He thought it was either infection from in the holes where my wisdom teeth were removed or the nerve dying in the tooth. The latter of the options means root canal, even though I have had one and it was fine the thought of going back for another still terrifies me!

      To try to get the site to calm down he put me on antibiotics, within a couple of days I was fine again and never went in for the root canal.

      So here is my question, the pain has come back. I am pain in the morning so that I can't close my mouth, by mid morning it is a dull ache when I close my mouth. I can't eat on it at any point during the day. Does this just sound like the infection has come back or does it sound like the root canal is the way to go?

      I am trying to get some encouragement that even though the root canal is a possibility there are other options as to what may be wrong.

      Thanks for any advice/comments you can make.


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      Default Re: Pressure pain on molar

      If you like and trust your dentist, I really would suggest you go in and see them as a matter of'll feel relieved when you do..promise and as you said, the last root canal wasn't so bad so why should this one be different?
      NB Molar teeth are more complex to do rcts on so you might want to seek the services of a specialist endodontist if your dentist thinks one is in order.
      It's the 21st Century.......dentistry can and should be painless

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