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    Thread: How long does the crown prep take?

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      Default How long does the crown prep take?

      I know I need 2 appointments. The scariest part for me is how long I have to be there, I can suffer through 1 filling but the dentist told me I'd be there for 2 hours for my crown prep. Seriously, how long in minutes is the drilling/shaping? I know the impression is just a few minutes and then how long does it take for the temporary crown to be put on? I'm really freaked about being there 2 hours. I considered being drugged but I don't have anyone to bring me home. TIA!

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      Default Re: How long does the crown prep take?

      Hello Baby1441:

      A lot of it depends upon the tooth. The shaping goes rather quickly, about 10 minutes. What takes the time is making sure the shape is right to fit the temporary crown. They also use a build up material that is cured with a UV light.

      The longest part of the procedure is fitting the temporary crown as the crown needs some shaping and trimming. They will test fit it and if it needs trimming or shaping it is taken into the lab and worked on. You will also need to bite down on some carbon paper like material in order make sure the bite is correct, not to high or anything that would throw off your bite.

      The whole procedure is not difficult and is pain free. Most of the time is making sure it all fits correctly.

      You will do fine. I had two crowns done in one visit. It took about one hour and forty five minutes for the whole procedure. It was very easy. Bring an mp3 player or something to listen to as it makes the time pass quicker and can relax you by listening to calming music or nature sounds.

      You will do great.

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