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    Thread: how long does hole take to heal after extraction

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      Default how long does hole take to heal after extraction

      I had two teeth out in October, one is healing nicely, I just have a faint line at the site of one, but the other still has quite a deep hole and I wonder how long it should take to heal? I did see my dentist early last month who said it was healing ok but it seems to have opened more this past few days. I do have quite a bit of inflammation along the gums (i do have problems with gums anyway) and terriby painful mouth ulcers too! advice please????

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      Sounds like you may have had some bone removed from the extraction site that feels odd. This could account for it not healing as neatly as the other site you mention. When the teeth are in place in the mouth they are held in by a collar of bone. Once removed, this collar of bone serves no useful function and is slowly resorbed into the blood stream. This resorption occurs rapidly at first and then more slowly for a couple of years.

      So like your dentist says - it is healing fine, but needs time to become smoother.

      Adcortyl in orabase or chlorhexidine oral gel may help the uclers as a topical application (You can get these from your chemist) But why are you getting ulcers? Is your diet ok? Lack of B12 and folate can contribute to ulcers, as well as stress, periods, biting into pizza hot from the grill... ouch - I hate when that happens, molten cheese stuck to yer palate..

      Hope that helps.

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