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    Thread: Bad taste in mouth/on tongue due to possible dry socket?

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      Default Bad taste in mouth/on tongue due to possible dry socket?

      I got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, July 7th (so it's been 5 days).

      Starting this morning, I noticed a really really bad taste in my mouth, particularly on my tongue. I can't really tell if there's a foul odor or not, but like I said, the taste is really gross.

      I'm wondering if this is due to a possible dry socket? I haven't gotten any pain yet, but I'm nervous because I occasionally spat after the operation because there was an overwhelming amount of saliva in my mouth.

      Another possibility is that it could be due to my diet? I still have not progressed onto solid foods yet, because I think my dentist stitched my cheeks to my gums on both sides when he was sewing up the areas. So I've been eating soup, instant mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream, tofu and soy milk. Is this the source of the problem?

      Last question: what should the extraction sites look like by now? I've been looking in a mirror using a flashlight, and they look kinda whitish/light-pinkish, and I can't tell if this is new tissue growing in or if it's my jaw bone or something.

      Thanks for answering my pesky questions!

      **Edit, I also noticed a little bit of white stuff on my tongue; is this a sign of infection?
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      Default Re: Bad taste in mouth/on tongue due to possible dry socket?

      Hi brookestone ,
      if you do not experience severe pain, then it's highly unlikely to be dry socket - you'd know all about it!! Rinsing with salt water might help get rid of the taste. From your description, the extraction site is healing fine - the whitish tissue is granulation tissue and indicates that it's healing as it should.
      For the white stuff on your tongue, you could try a tongue scraper (available in any pharmacy or drugstore).
      All the best

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