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1 month after total teeth extraction



Junior member
Oct 5, 2023
I finally went to the dentist after several years of tooth pain and such. X rays were done and I was told he couldn't do an impression before the extraction. After all my teeth were pulled he said he wouldn't do impressions then either. Two weeks later I get the impressions made and the technician said I was bleeding and how long since the extraction. Had to wait another two weeks for them to do wax ins and measurements. I go tomorrow for that but I am worrying why it would take so long. How much longer? It's been a month waiting with no teeth for so called immediate dentures.
Sorry, you need to ask them, there's no way anybody here can know this.
Good news is that because of the time since the extractions, the new dentures will last a bit longer before needing a reline than immediate dentures normally do.