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10% Bone loss is this a problem



Junior member
Feb 5, 2022
London UK
I had a check up last week and the dentist mentioned I had 10% bone loss but not to worry. Unfortunately I was so nervous and didn’t really take much in or ask any questions as I had a few tears once I found out I needed another 2 filings so I got side tracked and now I’m thinking was he just trying to calm me down and underplaying something. Any advice would be good thank you
Hi @Nervouspatient1
So 10% bone loss is very early stage and just about possible to detect on the x-rays. I would not be too concerned at all. Of course, it depends on how long it has taken for this to occur. If you were 16 years old I would be more concerned that if you were 56 years old.
All you need to do is make sure you follow the homecare regime the dentist or hygienist suggests and you will keep the situation totally stable.
@drhirst thank you so much that would confirm what my dentist said so I can relax about that now. I’m in my 50s and he did take X-rays this time. He did say don’t worry but my mind just got thinking, then doubting! I’ve just been told my cleaning is excellent after years of trying to perfect so I’ll keep going!