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10 days later, white stuff and occasional pain, normal?



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Jul 31, 2012
Quebec, Canada
10 days after extraction, it seem like i can eat larger meals now, but i noticed the sockets are changing, somehow i can see more inside the right socket (at a point i wasn't able to see the blood clot inside).

I noticed white stuff around the sockets walls, and white spots inside where the blood clot is.Is that a good sign? I still worry that i may get some food stuck there.

Also i had some slight pain, i thought it came from something stuck in a socket, so i rinsed with normal water, then did a salt water rinse again.

The dentist told me that it would be very unlikely to get food stuck in a socket. I had pasta with sauce with little pieces of meat, and chicken pie as well, and poutine yesterday. And i'm beginning to drink coffee now, so...

Is it still normal to get some occasional pain even 10 days after the extraction? i mean it's tolerable, it's just a little pain near the socket(s), but i wonder if i should start to worry. i wouldn't like to get infected this week-end... :(

Note that there's no piece of tooth left in sockets, he had a little complication on the lower left socket, and 5 days after the extraction i went to see the dentist for a check-up and he said it's healing fine. (and to stop worrying for nothing :shame:).
Sorry to take so long to get to you. You sound as if things are normal and healing well. It is good that you are managing to eat better now too.

As it has been a few more days since you posted how are you feeling now?

If you are still worried please contact your dentist and let them have a look and put your mind at rest.

Good luck to you :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover:
it seem to be healing well, though i still rinse with water after every meal to get rid of small bits of food. It still feel odd when i try to chew gently on the side, and somehow my tongue or taste buds doesn't feel or taste quite the same way than before the extraction. Hopefully this is just temporary.
It all sounds pretty normal to me. I still do the salt water rinses too and it does a good job of getting any food out of the sockets.
It isn't permanent so don't worry, you and your mouth need time to get used to the changes in your mouth. I continue to rinse until I feel confident that the holes have closed. From what I understand it can take 6 months to be considered fully healed but we feel healed much quicker than that.

I had a tooth out a year ago and sometimes the gum can feel a bit sore if I chew on that side.

I wish you all the best if you do get worried do contact your dentist. :):):)
i should do salt water rinses occsionally. Also, they say alcohol-free mouthwash is good as well. The only one i know i can buy is Listerine Zero, or Listerine Total Care Zero, but it's a little expensive. Other than that, i brush more closely to the sockets, while being careful as well, but it feel like i don't have to be as extra-careful as during the first few days anymore.
I am glad you are getting more confident with your brushing. I know the dentists on here say alcohol free but my own dentist has said it doesn't matter. I think the reason they say to use alcohol free is because the alcohol can kill the good bits we need in the gums as well as the bad. I have forgotten just what was said now but alcohol is more mouth friendly. :confused:

I would prefer to just use salt water all the time rather than mouthwash but my dentist told me to use it mid day and not when I brush. It is going to have to be your own personnel choice I think on this one, so you decide what you prefer to do.

Next time you go to the dentist ask again what they recommend, unless a dentist comes on here and can give you a better answer than I have tried to do.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover: