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10 years of no dental visits



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Mar 12, 2023
I finally went to the dentist after nearly 10 years. I was an absolute mess, on the verge of tears in the waiting room and even told the front desk to tackle me if I tried to leave. I kept apologizing for how my teeth look and everything. I even cried at one point while sitting in the chair. I was absolutely certain I was in for it dental work wise and I was so so wrong. All I need is really good cleaning and a filling replaced. This after periods of absolutely neglecting my teeth. Disbelief is putting it mildly after all this time of working myself up that I had ruined my teeth after so long. I’m thanking my lucky stars today.

The dentist was absolutely amazing and kept reassuring me that I didn’t need anything major done and went through my X-rays with me. I do have one tooth on root canal “watch” but it has a monster of a filling in it so that’s not surprising. Some gum recession and very mild bone loss but I’m not getting any younger either so it’s not at all surprising.

I’m so glad I finally went in and thank you to everyone who have shared your stories. I have hope that I will overcome my fear of going in and will start going on a regular basis.
Thanks so much for sharing your story @sahara876 - brilliant to hear that things went so well :).


Thanks for sharing your experience of hope and courage.

Keep us posted.
Just a quick update -

I’ve since had my cleaning and filling replacement. The hygienist who did my cleaning was so gentle that I asked her to be my hygienist from that point on. A far cry from the last cleaning I had where I swear the hygienist went out of her way to cause pain and then berated me when I said it hurt too much. I was offered numbing cream and told that if I signaled her, she would immediately stop and address what was going on.

My filling replacement was amazing as well. The dentist numbed me up really good and set to work. She did find a small amount of recurrent decay underneath and said that my filling was definitely going south and quickly. I was so glad that I worked up the nerve to get myself in and avoid anything bigger repair wise for that particular tooth.

I’m already set up with my next cleaning in the fall and I’m not scared about going back in. This dentist and staff have been a god send to say the least.