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10 Years Since Last Appt. Total Meltdown. Help?



Junior member
Jul 7, 2014
Hi All!
My fear of dentists and dislike of teeth started around the same age (5) after, like so many of you, I was put in the hands of the wrong dentist. Terrible experience of being verbally abused and physically restrained in the chair closely followed by an extraction at first visit with next dentist and not staying numb for repeated fillings with the third plus countless careless comments have helped create a full blown dental phobia. While I was dragged kicking and screaming to the dentist as a child, as an adult I have avoided the dreaded dentist; visiting only when the pain of needing treatment would momentarily override the fear of getting it. This has happened three times in the last 20 years for a cracked tooth needing a crown, a lost filling and most recently another lost filling necessitating the dreaded root canal. Now, granted, the crown was almost exactly 20 yrs ago but it was easily the worst, most painful 2 appointments ever. I was such a mess I even made the dentist cry!! Here I sit, 20 yrs later needing another crown and DREADING it like the plague. I have found a new dentist and went for xrays and consult last week for the first time in 10 years and cried pretty much non-stop. I went after RCT fearing the upcoming crown appointment and worried that there was another root canal waiting to happen but didn't expect to totally freak out like I did. I couldn't handle hearing all that needs to be done so I told him to tell me only 2 things. I do know I am facing a cleaning next week and at least 3 fillings or replacement fillings. I couldn't even ask. And something since I clench (and crack) my teeth. He did give me halcion for the RCT appt w/dif dr but it took double the dose and twice the time for it to kick in before I would even sit in the chair. I don't remember pain but remember panic...and wanting to run. And the drill. And them telling me to put my arms and legs down. I am afraid of the cleaning appointment just as much as the RTC which sounds crazy, I know, and now knowing I have that PLUS the crown and other fillings makes me just want to forget the whole thing and wait another 10 years. I hate having to take meds and bring someone with me (to have a witness to my embarrassing behavior) but know after last week I'll be a piping hot mess without them. I am having very serious doubts about going back next week. My heart races & eyes tear up just thinking about it.
Just a short post to say how brave I think you have already been going to the dentist given your past experiences. Dentists have come a long way since you last visited.

You're not obliged to do anything you don't want to. You can ask the dentist to do procedures where you are confident at first. You can ask for various forms of sedation if you want, arrange a stop signal.

Make sure you have explained how scared you are to your dentist so they can reassure you and take steps to minimise your fear.
Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I couldn't talk about much but my fear was pretty obvious because they called yesterday to have me double the meds I am supposed to take an hour before my appointment next week and bring more to take at their office...if I actually go. Cancelling would be so much easier. That knot in my stomach would go away and I could start sleeping again. This sucks.