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11 days post surgery and still in terrible pain



Junior member
Jul 19, 2015
no dry socket, no infection, no swelling. Right bottom wisdom tooth and upper right w.t. were pulled with 3 others Monday the 13th. The bottom was a difficult extraction, impacted. However i still see thye soggy stitches on top of the socket and the socket is throbbing 24/7. Only for 3-4 hrs i get relief from advil and tylenol ones with codiene. Cant take stronger because of hiatal hernia.

All my other teeth incl. other 2 wisdoms were never this painful so long after surgery. The bone/jaw hurt like hell after 3 hrs of taking my meds. What do you think is the issue? Or is it still early in the healing because of the impacted issue? thx.
btw taking the advil and t1's every 4 hours for ten days... now they are not even lasting for pain relief 2 hours...........
Why do they say its not dry socket?
Why do they say its not dry socket?

well the surgeon said so and hes been one of the best in my area for 40 years. He said the bone is not exposed....

i also ironically got lingual nerve damage and the right side of my tongue and teeth are numb still....
Hello justme007 and all,

i read your post and wondered how you're doing and if found what was causing the pain. It is day 9 for me; I pulled my lower right WT on Nov 5 and am still in excruciating pain. I already went back to OS twice. She says it's not a dry socket nor an infection. The OS said there was pus under the tooth which she cleaned up during surgery. Pain is controllable with a Motrin. I am also experiencing partial numbness in the chin and teeth.

I am 41 soon to be 42. Is it normal to have pain after 9-10 days after surgery for older patients?