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12 weeks pregnant and having toothache



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Mar 11, 2012
I am having a toothache and i am 12 weeks pregnant and the dentist refused to treat me now and said to come back after 8 weeks :mad: which is really annoying as the pain never stop and i am feeling unwell at all. I think the tooth having infection, its very sensitive and an awful pain if i touch it. Can't take anything but paracetamol. I can't understand why they can't treat me, i am really feeling unwell.

What to do? can i register with another dentist and go to see another one?
see another dentist
See another dentist who has had a pregnant wife....some of them are simply dumb about not wanting to treat pregnant women. If you are in the pain, you have the right to get out of pain. Your stress hormones and the taking of painkillers is far worse potentially for your baby than a bit of local anaesthetic i.m.h.o. (I am not a dentist).

Sounds like you are looking for an NHS dentist. Try a private one if you have no luck. A one-off procedure wouldn't cost much.

The British Dental health Foundation says the following....'MAY' is a wonderful word lol:

Will I need to tell my dentist if I am pregnant?
It is important to tell your dentist as soon as you find out you are pregnant. If you need dental treatment, it may have to wait until after the birth of your baby. In most situations x-rays should be avoided, particularly during the first three months of pregnancy.

Some pregnant women find their gums bleed during pregnancy and need closer attention. You may be referred to the dental hygienist, if the practice has one, for regular cleaning and advice on how to maintain a good oral hygiene routine at home.

Remember to take your maternity certificate to your check up appointment, as you will be entitled to free NHS routine dental treatment while you are pregnant and until your baby's first birthday. (For more information please see our leaflet 'Tell Me About Mother and Baby').

Current guidelines suggest that old amalgam fillings should not be removed during pregnancy, but nor should new ones be put in. Speak to your dentist about alternative materials if you are unsure.
I really think constant taking of paracetamol is far worse for your baby than a bit of local anaesthetic and you are already out of the first trimester. I was very motivated to avoid any issues with both my pregnancies but if I had had toothache, I know I would have insisted on it being treated. Pregnancy is bad enough without having toothache.
Also the longer you leave your tooth, the more involved treatment it will need.

Here's Gordon's view: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/forum/threads/dental-treatment-while-pregnant.9408/

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