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12 years away but finally went to dentist today and was really positive experience


Monte Cristo

Junior member
Jun 13, 2012
United Kingdom
12 years away but finally went to dentist today and was really positive experience

Use to have panic attacks just thinking about going to the dentist, bad childhood experience and I remember once fainting in the chair as a panic attack hit. So I just avoided going and it had been 12 years since I last went. I knew my teeth had deteriorated in that time, fillings needed at the least but I just couldn't face it.
So throughout that 12 years it would always play on my mind, when I was lying in bed at night was the worse and I'd struggle to get to sleep some nights. At times I thought I'd just grow old, in pain with teeth falling out as I couldn't face going, my heart would flutter just thinking about visiting.
So I went and saw my Doctor about something else a few weeks ago and mentioned my dental phobia and she prescribed me 1 Diazepam tablet 5mg (just one) and said take it before your first visit, you'll have no panic attack. She even said all I'd feel is "drowsy" in the dentist chair and relaxed. She also said tell the dentist about your phobia when you phone them and see if they have experience.
Well of course I read about the tablet on line and people said they did calm them down so just with that thought I felt a bit more confident that I had this pill that could help me. Without this reassurance of a "relaxing" tablet I'm not sure I could have phoned the dentist, but having it it just gave me a bit of a boost
So took me another two weeks to pluck up the courage to phone a dentist, I found one near me which said they "treated nervous patients" and I must have rehearsed what to say 50 times before I phoned. I mentioned I hadn't been for 12 years and that I was dental phobic and had seen that on their website they were good with nervous patients and they were totally relaxed about it, suggested I come in for initial appointment and they would put me with their most "sympathetic" dentist.
So the day came round today for the visit, I was so nervous but popped the tablet about an hour before my visit and the heart flutters did go and it seemed to calm me down. It was weird because before I took it I was a nervous wreck, but 15 mins after swallowing it I started to relax a bit. As I walked to the dentist for once I felt I wasn't going to faint. So arrived and the dentist called me in and we just sat on a chair and had a chat, she was brilliant. She said that I could do whatever I wanted and at any time she would stop, all she would do today is have a look if I was ok with that (which I was) and throughout the whole process she was chatty and reassuring. We have a follow up in a weeks time for a hygiene clean but again she said she would do that (not her normal hygienist) so I would feel more confident with her.
I couldn't praise her enough. She was realistic and said some work was needed (a number of fillings) but it wasn't like I'd have to get loads of teeth pulled out and she said most people worry about the worst and it isn't like that these days.
Was in there half an hour and at the end I walked out into the sunshine and the feeling was euphoric. The first visit over and a dentist that understands me.
So all I would say is this, the tablet helped, if you can get the GP to prescribe you just one, it just gives you that bit more confidence and will relax you just enough. Then totally be up front when you phone the dentist and get the right dentist, experience of nervous patients is a must because it makes such a difference...........I think I got my life back today.....................
Re: 12 years away but finally went to dentist today and was really positive experience

GOOD FOR YOU! :jump: :jump::jump: That first visit is a hard one AND YOU DID IT! My dentist told me he would prescribe Xanax (like the tablet you had) for each appt - for the night before and the day of the appointment--maybe your dentist will do the same. Just ask! Did you get x-rays yet? I did my consultation last week, x-rays next week, then the cleaning, and then whatever treatments I will need.
Re: 12 years away but finally went to dentist today and was really positive experience

Thanks Patti for your support, I still on a high after today

Yes did the X Rays today, with the tablet effects kicking in and the dentist being really gentle and sympathetic I felt ok to do them. I can remember previous visits years ago where I struggled to move out of the waiting room I was feeling that worried and struggling to breathe but today I was ok for the X Rays and they were fine and over so quick I didn't really have time to think. She popped the thing in my mouth, I shut my eyes and then a few seconds later she came back and put the thing to the other side of my mouth and then a few seconds later it was done. It must have taken less than a minute all together.
I think the Xanax will really help you .....I will totally get some more tablets for the fillings I have to have and any work beyond that - it does really help me relax.

Yes just getting through that first visit feels a big step......thank you!;)
Re: 12 years away but finally went to dentist today and was really positive experience

Can I ask you what happened after the X-rays? I have heard they show you the X-rays and then the dentist calls off the teeth numbers to a nurse who writes down what is needed. I think seeing the X-rays and hearing all that as its happening will be too much stress on me--even with a Xanax!

I hope the x-rays were kind ;)
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