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12 years of sleepless nights over



Junior member
Dec 29, 2008
I'm 30 years old and have been to the dentist ONCE since high school. The title may be a tad misleading as I didn't care for the first 4 years or so. I convinced myself that dentists were scammers that charged people $300 a visit and bad things only happenned if you didn't brush. The past few months my teeth started to hurt and one side of my mouth bothered me when I chewed. My gums have receeded pretty badly too. I was POSSITIVE that I would need gum work, fillings and probably a few crowns. After I finally decided to make an appointment I was terrified, especially of the "bad news" that was innevitably comming and the lecture about how it all cuold have been avoided. I also had visions of having to pay thousands of dollars that I didn't have.
I made the appointment at 9 am and had to wait until 2....I went for a long walk the entire time i had to wait. Everyone was really nice and acted as if it were nothing new to them. I told the hygenist how I hated teeth and thought they were disgusting. She told me that in school, they had to work on teeth of volunteers who havent had their teeth checked in decades and who didn;t brush, so my teeth were nothing compared to that. The dentist also wanted to show me using a mirror my bad gums. I asked if it was okay not to look at them in that light and he was totally cool with it and just showed me on a diagram. I got a checkup, a deep cleaning and X rays. Insurance paid for everything.
For anyone still reading...there were NO major problems. I was floored. He said the pain was caused by gum exposure, but a cleaning would fix that along with some sensodyne toothpaste. I walked out of there with nothing more than a checkup in 6 months and the knowledge of knowing that I would sleep tonight. :jump: