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14 weeks pregnant, maybe a dry socket, please advise.



Junior member
Mar 10, 2011
Hello, I had a tooth removed 7 days ago, it was on an emergency basis as had been having a lot of persistent pain for a few months, finally snapped & couldn't take the pain anymore so it was removed.

its been aching since the day it was done & have been back to the dentist twice this week, first post extraction visit i was given 5 days antibiotics as gum looked inflamed, anti-b are finished now.

It did have a perfect blood clot in it as i had been checking daily, yesterday I went to the dentist & he rinsed the extraction site with corsydyl irrigation in a syringe & said it looked ok i didnt check in the mirror yesterday, but today I've checked in the mirror & the blood clot is now partially missing & were its missing there's a fairly big white bit which to me looks like bone, its not food as I've rinsed with warm salt water several times.

Its achey & i keep feeling sensations in the socket but not excruciating for the moment. I am just sat here in a state waiting for the god awful pain to hit, I'm 14 weeks pregnant so obviously am sat with only paracetemol just incase & let's be honest paracetemol doesn't rid the pain of a blister.

No dentist is open ANYWHERE in this town incase I need it & emergency dentist would you believe is appointment only & only available 9am-1pm x

Don't be scared it doesn't sound like dry socket. I am not a dentist but after 7 days with no problems it would be very odd to get it now.

You are usually safe from getting a dry socket after 72 hours after extraction. The white you can see could be the graduation tissue I think it is called that you want to happen, it means it is healing well.

If you have suffered with bad pain before having the tooth out then the dry socket will probably feel no worse than that. It is quite quickly dealt with by the dentist too, I am aware that you cannot see a dentist until probably Monday now but it doesn't sound like you have dry socket. You shouldn't have any infection now either if you were given antibiotics.

Try not to stress too much you do sound like it is okay. Unless you are in pain that makes you want to bang your head against a wall it won't be dry socket.

Let us know how you get on please :clover::clover::clover: :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly: