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15 total Periapical (PA) Xray in the past 3 months, radiation? Advanced periodontist, constant gum abcess



Sep 30, 2023
Hi, I had about 15 total Periapical (PA) xray in the past 3 months due to advanced periodontist, I keep getting gum abscess. It has to be done, as it the only way for the dentist to know if it a gum (peridontal) abcess or a root (periapical) abcess.

So, I have a molar that by the look of it gum swollen huge and pus pockets, I suspect it gum abcess due to basically I have "advance gum disease" this was diagnosed by all the dentist I ever went to, yep, it that bad, lol. So much bone loss and tooth shift and bleeding gum, the classical signs of periodontist.

So today I went to dentist, got 2 PA xray, first one didn't turn out well so second one was taking. Dentist check it he said he not see abcess where the "roots" are so he said No periapical. However he stick a very bright wand w/camera in my mouth and on the big screen wow so much swelling gum and the pus form at the gum pockets.

He diagnosed me with Periodontal abscess, and send me home with antibiotics, he said I be ok. Just take antibiotics first and if it not go away then next step.

Anyhoo, I'm scare of the PA xray, I been having alot due to the condition of my mouth keep getting abscess.

I'm not going to die from too much Xray exposure am I?
oh I was told Periapical abscess is more dangerous as it where the roots of the tooth is so it easier to get into the blood vessels.

While Periodontal Abscess it still where the gum is and has not get down to the roots yet, so it less severe.

It is true?

The dentist said my tooth is not decay, no cavities, no crack, tooth itself is fine, gum is not. It the bone loss and gum abscess, he said my gums is all swollen front and back, swollen everywhere my gum is.
True, I keep getting Periodontal abscess, one by one of my tooth eventually has to go. Which I have accepted, I will be getting full denture.

I'm going to take my antibiotics, but since I'm in America, Periodontal abscess can be treated right? ugh.. I just have anxiety.
I think there's no need to worry about the number of X-rays, especially since you had them at intervals. Watching television for 2 hours provides a greater dose than a single dental X-ray.

Take the antibiotic and wait for the effects. It's important that the dentist is monitoring and has checked it.
Thank you for your replied. Periapical Xray is more radiation than bitewing though.

Seem like I need another Periapical Xray, I have one more molar that is loose need to be extract, and I can't get a referal to an Oral Surgeon is the general dentist don't see the Xray of the molar.

And my worst fear, lower molar, NERVE block.! aaaaaa
I can try to request Infiltration but not sure if the Oral Surgeon would agree to it.

ugh... my life.