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16 years old and kind of freaking out

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Feb 2, 2018
I see this site is trustworthy so im gonna post this.

I have not gone to the dentist for maybe since i was 10 or so not sure but during then i had to get some fillings done and couldnt do it cuz i was scared by the tools and the dentist. I was numbed so many times it was almost immune to me. I was still feeling pressure and a little pain from the procedures and i was completely swollen afterwards on a part of my face for a day. I thought he hurt me more than helped so i stopped going. As a kid i really didnt brush my teeth which was why i had to keep going.

Now im 16 and scared as heck. Im worried over my teeth cuz i have lots of crooked teeth with an overbite plus all the cavities i now have probably from fizzy crap. (Never having soda again) im very afraid to tell my parents i have to see a dentist. One of my teeth (maybe a wisdom one) seems to got a portion of it removed cuz of the enamel decaying and all my teeth are decaying now. I hate being judged by dentists for my teeth and i hate the tools a lot more than that. I fear of going again but i know i have to. My teeth are starting to hurt now just a tiny bit now and then. Idk what to do anymore as i hate telling my parents they were right before and that i have to go. I need some support so please help me with this.
Dear Brandon,

thanks you for your trust and for sharing your story. Rest assured that you are in a very good company here.

I understand that you avoided dental visits after those experiences and pain during a treatment or afterwards is quite a good reason not to go anymore. I also understand that you are afraid of being judged by your parents and also by the dentist.

There are a lot of dentists who are very understanding and compassionate with nervous patients. A non-judgmental manner is the basis of this and it is possible to find a way to make you feel more comfortable about the tools and procedures and anything else that worries you. Painfree dentistry is also a basis and a good dentist won't even touch your teeth before making sure you are numb and comfortable. Being comfortable with a treatment has lot to do with trust and having a practice you feel respected and understood at.

Is there any chance for your parents to have understanding for your fear? Do you feel like they would help you to look for a trustworthy dentist you feel comfortable with? Or maybe someone else in your family - someone you feel up to talk to?
Do you still live with your parents? If you do, why don't you just pop in to your local dentist on the way back from school? Then you can see if you need any treatment. If you don't want to do that, it might be worth just asking your parents to stay in the waiting room and not coming in with you. That would give you a bit more privacy and if nothing needs to be done, great! Good luck!