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19 years old with Gum Disease and depression



Junior member
Sep 9, 2016
Hello everyone, as I type this, I am on my sanity's end. I've gone through a depressive rut for the past year, due to not being able to afford college. So, I neglected my teeth. I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in 2 years, and the doctor made me wait 2 hours in his chair, then he came in for 2 seconds, looked at my teeth and told me I had overcrowding, chipped fillings, and cavities. But this is where it got weird. He turned to the side and told me, my financial advisor will be with you soon to discuss what your insurance covers. This lady comes in, he leaves, and tries to tell me to get whitenings, braces, loans for said braces, and lastly, she looks at my xray on the screen and says I have a pocket, and that I should get antibiotic cleaning. I'm unsure of whether I should get a second opinion, because as far as I know, she is not a doctor. I've been crying all night for two nights straight while this metallic taste in my mouth and burning sensation continues. They didn't even clean my teeth. I don't want a life long disease, but it does run in my family. I feel like ending my life. Please, worse case scenario someone please tell me my options, I feel dead inside.
This doc sounds like an asshole for making you wait for so long then storm in and out and make you feel so bad! I would say before you panic, try to find a better doctor. Don't go with someone who makes you feel this bad. Who knows what another doc will say.
I agree with Scarlett. He is not a good dentist. Get a second opinion. You need to feel comfortable in the office, with the dentist and the hygienist/assistants. They need to spend time with you asking questions, going over the x-rays, explain your treatment plan and then payment/ insurance options. So get another opinion.
Update: I got a second opinion today, no periodontitis. 3 dentists in the same clinic tried to exploit me for money. Months of hypochondria and low self esteem completely unfounded. Thanks for the support guys! Some dentists really do lie to grab every penny. :jump:
Glad you were able to get a second opinion !!! Hope all continues to go well!!!! :)