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1st Appointment Done



Jul 28, 2011
Well the good news is I made it through the appointment I got there and waited for a while then was called in, the dentist who was nice discussed my past and then had a good look round my mouth which I already know needs a lot of work doing, and she also does sedation which is great the downside is I was given a quote and omg there's no way I can afford it :( back in work feeling like I'm stuck in a hole I'm trying to get out but I can't , going to see if she will do any other alternative cheaper treatment to solve my problems but for now going to cry in my coffee I'm proud but gutted at the same time will put it into context £1000 just for sedation before any works done :( really hope you guys are having more luck than me on your journey as this is my second dentist and I know I can't go through with it awake so I'm stuck completely, appreciate any comments, experiences to help ;)
Well done :jump: for going! I'm still wibbling about tomorrow! Just a thought - obviously I don't know your financial situation and please forgive me if I speak out of turn, but would something like a 15-months interest-free credit card help you out with the cost? I used my Tesco one for a big vet bill.
:giggle: Im getting married so hence the money problem the cost is basically half the wedding! I have calmed down a bit now and going to try and discuss a cheaper option of a denture im only 29 but if i can smile again thats all im bothered about to be honest. The appointment was fine though all she did was look around my mouth with the mirror she could see how nervous i was, it was her assistant that gave me the quote so I couldnt speak to her about it which is a shame as someone had gone in after me, im proud but gutted at the same time. All the best with your appointment i promise you will be fine do you mind me asking are you also private and do you know what you need doing, for starters i need a lot of extrations and fillings and temporary denture put in but I cant face doing it awake which is why I chose this practice, she was lovely with me its just a shame on the price i was thinking 2K and I be sorted. All the best i will be thinking of you :clover::)
Hi Sironastar :)

Can you be more specific about your treatment plan? £1000 for sedation seems a bit excessive?! Maybe you could do the treatment in small bursts maybe with some oral sedation? Maybe start off with one small filling then some more and then more etc.
Read the success stories on here. There are lots of people who start off believing they could not do treatment without being 'knocked out' but when treatment is broken down into small parts with a caring and competent dentist they find they actually can do it. I was one of them :grin:
Oh my goodness, I am mortified at the cost of just the IV sedation. I had that done and it cost less than £200. I appreciate that different dentists have different charges, and I have just checked another dentist in my area who offers IV sedation and their cost is from £250 per hour.

I know my dentist is trained in doing IV sedation, and so didn't have to bring someone else in to do it, so I am wondering if this is the case with your dentist? What a pity you are so far away from here, but there are bound to be other dentists in your area who offer sedation, and that will be more affordable. If that is what she is charging for sedation, I dread to think what she is charging for your other treatment.

I am so sorry that this has happened to you - do they have a website and display of their charges?
Aaww thanks Colin and Kim, the sedation person comes from Manchester hence the high charge I think it's my own fault I've been so scared I've not been but I have also looked around and found a few places starting sedation at £125, the last dentist who I left as he wasn't exactly sympathetic was going to charge me £900 for my work to be done but without sedation and the quote today is upwards of 6K there's no way I can afford it the prices are a lot higher compared to other places people are saying its because they are in Chester I'm just going to have to be honest and tell them I can't afford it and move on to the third and hopefully final dentist who will be able to help me I've got this far I can't give up can I? Thanks again for replying really appreciate it x
Hi, Sironastar,
Congrats on getting through your appointment. :yay: The cost for the sedation does seem a bit excessive. I agree with Kim, I'm sure if you shop around your area, you are bound to find another compassionate dentist who offers sedation at a less prohibitive cost.
aaww thanks chickenjen im going to shop around this i was in shock last night my actual estimate was over £6000 lol to put it into context the quote from the first unsympathetic dentic was only £900 (also private) for all work but no sedation, i have to laugh and not get depressed about the whole thing, on the plus side i got there sat in the chair and went through the consultation shakey but I did it, i wont give up hopefully I will be 3rd dentist lucky lol thanks very much again, really hope your journey is going better than mine :)
Give yourself a huge pat on the back for making it to see the dentist :jump::jump::jump::cool: you did really well. I am glad you are going to try and find another dentist, there is the right one out there for you, and your pocket.

I know it can be disheartening and seems like a long hard road, but when you do find that right dentist it will be so worth it. It is easier to have work done with a dentist that is caring and you feel you can trust.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover: don't give up, you will find the right dentist. :)
Well done for going :cheer::respect: - it sounds like, apart from the sticker shock, it was quite a positive experience and hopefully will give you an idea of which level of courtesy you should expect from a dental professional in the future :).

I have replied to your post in the "Find a Dentist" section - not sure if it's any use fees-wise but might be worth checking out :).
Hi Sironastar, you did brilliantly. I was only going for a check-up today, but after a year's break, I was scared silly.
I've always gone NHS. I had two lots of IV sedation and eight fillings :redface: with an NHS dentist in 1988 and the total cost was £36.52. I can't believe how much it's gone up! I'd definitely shop around a bit. As Coolin said, might you be able to have the IV sedation for the bigger procedures, and then you might find (as I did) that you can cope with smaller things without it? IV sedation does give you a huge initial confidence boost and I would never have gone and had those fillings put in without it...but I wouldn't need it for a filling now...I just come on here and whimper and lots of very kind people give me cyber-cuddles!
All positive dental experiences bolster our confidence that "Yes, we can do this"!!!!!!!!!
Maybe you didn't get any work done, but that really doesn't matter. What matters is that you found out through that appointment that YOU ARE BRAVE, and that there ARE gentle, caring dentists out there!
Well done!!!! :welldone:
:hug4: :hug4:'s.
I am so glad that you are going to have another lookie around. Lincoln was my third opinion dentist and am sooooo glad I went with him. If I were quoted upwards of six 'grand' then I would either be expecting to have the dentist to the Royals (and not the sit com ones) or thinking you may be having a couple of implants.

It is a difficult bag tho' isn't it? That is why, sometimes the best way is through 'word of mouth' because you can have the low down on manner, whether they are nice and cost etc. I really hope you get something sorted that will be viable for you hunni xx
Hi all apologies for the late reply I've been in a bad place and did think about giving up but going to dust myself off and start again third time lucky I hope!!! It wasn't for implants Kim it was a bridge extractions and few fillings lol everyone I've told has been totally shocked by the quote, there's 3 nervous people in work who were waiting to see how I got on and were going to go, thanks to all of u means so much knowing you are all here for me it makes me so depressed I will get there and find the "one" lol xx
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Hi all apologies for the late reply I've been in a bad place and did think about giving up but going to dust myself off and start again third time lucky I hope!!! It wasn't for implants Kim it was a bridge extractions and few fillings lol everyone I've told has been totally shocked by the quote, there's 3 nervous people in work who were waiting to see how I got on and were going to go, thanks to all of u means so much knowing you are all here for me it makes me so depressed I will get there and find the "one" lol xx
Hi Sironaster,
I've been following your posts and I really do feel for you, having got this far to end up probably feeling you were better off not knowing. I don't want to pry, but you did seem to like the last dentist you saw, although they seem far too expensive.......but is there anyway they can break up your treatment plan into priorities, yours and theirs. For example: focusing on areas that are causing pain/probs 1st.... pay for this on a dental payment plan/bank loan/credit card..., then for example focus on work to improve the appearance for the wedding photos, pay for that......etc......i don't see why this work couldn't be done over a couple of years, and seen as an investment like a car that can take years to pay off. There may also be temporary work the dentist could do on some of the teeth to tide you over until you could afford the permanent option . These are just possible options or at least questions you could open up discussion with the dentist. I have also heard of patients having extensive treatment using clinical hypnosis. Maybe it would be cheaper to try that rather than sedation. This is also something you can eventually, with practice learn to do yourself. Hope some of this is helpful. :dunno:
Aaaww thanks for your reply apples :) I understand what you mean but I specifically asked for a "quick fix" I know I'm young but at the end of the day I'm happy with dentures if it means I can smile on my wedding pics that's the reason I'm doing this and I only have 10 months to get sorted, this dentist was ok but there were a few comments like I need to teach you how to brush your teeth which demoralised me and also she said my fiancé had fallen in love with me as my teeth are now so anything will be better think I was in shock with the estimate and I'm only thinking things through properly today I was really down last night about it all the first dentist I saw last year would of done all the work for £900 but without sedation which is what I need but this price of over £6000 is just ridiculous as I feel I need to be completely satisfied with not only the price but I need to get on with the dentist was also told two of my teeth are really pointy so the whole experience is not going well so far it's like I'm stuck in a pit I'm trying to claw my way out but it's not working, I will refocus and try again my fiancé is helping me this time as I really can't go through a third consultation and feel like this again it's making me hit rock bottom and I should be excited about my wedding rather than filled dread feeling worthless I appreciate your comments and will definitely look into the hypnosis thanks very much :)
Hi Sironmaster,
Apologies for some of the text, I hadn't realized how important it was that you had a "quick fix". I'm fairly new to this forum so am still getting my head round where the posts/threads start, end etc...:confused:.
You sound so down about all this dental stuff, and its so sad that it's affecting your ability to enjoy planning for your wedding. Please don't interpret what I say next as meaning I don't appreciate or understand how important getting your teeth sorted out for your wedding is, but is it possible that the need to have everything "perfect" for the wedding (as most people do) is putting pressure on you to make yourself perfect too. You won't be the first or last "bride to be" who needs everything right on there wedding day, but at the end of the day if the dreams not possible at that time, is it more about accepting that. I really don't mean to sound so abrupt or unfeeling, but I'd hate to think of you ruining the days leading up to your wedding purely because your teeth arent exactly the way you want them. Obviously this assumption is all based on me thinking that your teeth may not be as aesthetically bad as you think.
Be strong:(
the first dentist I saw last year would of done all the work for £900 but without sedation

There may have been huge differences in the amount of time/quality of materials/dentist skill between these two quotes and the first quote might have been very low (and reflective of the quality and longevity of the treatment you might have received). I think what I'm trying to say is that one quote may have been at the extreme low end, whereas the second might have been at the extreme high end, and a true ballpark figure may be somewhere in between, rather than the 900 originally quoted :).

It sounds though as if her interpersonal style didn't really suit you, anyway (I'm not a huge fan of "helpful comments" or "constructive criticism" myself :p, so I totally get how devastated you must have felt by those remarks).

Here's hoping you'll get third time lucky :clover::XXLhug:!!
Bless you sweetie - I really feel for you in every aspect of this. The fact that you felt there may be help for you tailored to what you need to get you through your treatment, and then to get knocked back by the price tag to get it, and the ratty comments by the dentist is a real blow.

I get really peed off by people who make assumptions of people. It is nothing like what she said to you, but I was at work one day, and I 90% of the time take my lunch sitting at my desk. I had finished eating and was playing solitaire on my computer for the remainder of my break.

A lady walked into the room who I didn't know and passed comment at the fact that I apparently had nothing to do if I was playing cards on my computer!! Now this lady didn't know me from Adam - I quickly put her right - but how dare she!

This particular dentist is charging lots of spondoolies for her handy work, the least she could be is tactful in her approach to dealing with you. Manners cost nothing, and she should treat people in the manner that she would like to be treated herself.

Sorry, I will get back down off my soapbox - and if I am doing that, I would truly love for you to dust yourself down, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and try again. You seriously will get there sweetie, it may be frustrating and upsetting now, but there will be an answer for you, and I am praying that will be much sooner rather than later for you.

Take care.

Kim xx
I have a horrible feeling you and others have taken offence to what I have said.:( If so i just want to clear things up. There was no malice in what i said, I just felt you felt you were in an impossible situation financially with having the wedding to pay for, and the time span you had before the wedding was not on your side with having to find a dentist and receive the treatment. I only said what I said as a question, because we all put pressure on ourselves sometimes. I didn't mean to imply that it was actually what you were doing, but just something i put out there for you to ask yourself. I really am sorry if I upset you more than you already were.:XXLhug:.