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1st Appointment in Five Years



Junior member
Aug 8, 2023
Hello everyone,

On Sunday I arranged to meet with a dental nurse, just to see the practice. I felt nervous and tearful last night but went along this morning.

Despite being nervous, I agreed to book in an appointment. They had one for tomorrow morning!

I'm feeling absolutely terrified. I always get really scared and tearful at the dentist which I feel so embarrassed about. I'm terrified that I'm going to need my wisdom tooth out and that I'm going to need lots of fillings. I've never needed to have treatment before and I'm terrified of needles. I've made myself anxious prodding at my teeth, googling, ruminating and thinking about worst case scenarios. I haven't got anyone free to come with me tomorrow as it's last minute, so I'm going to have to brave it alone. I keep picturing that moment when the dentist will deliver the bad news.

Just looking for support ❤️
Hi @Rhin, how courageous of you to meet with a nurse and have a look at the practice! That must have taken a lot of guts 👍. So what impression did you get of the place?

It's important that your dentist knows what you're worried about, so please try and let them know so they can support you 🙂. It's a good idea to treat the first appointment with a new dentist as a "get-to-know-you" meeting, where you can figure out whether they're the right person to help you. Perhaps you could ask to just have a chat tomorrow, rather than a full exam?

Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes really well for you, and that your new dentist is a keeper!

P.S. Please stay away from Dr. Google, there's so much inaccurate information out there that would terrify anyone. You must have been doing something right in the past to never have needed dental treatment, so unless you've radically changed your diet or the way you look after your teeth, there shouldn't be too much to worry about.
Hello everyone, and thank you for your kind words @letsconnect. It turns out I had nothing to worry about! There are no problems with my teeth, I just need an appointment with the hygienist.

I was feeling terrified. I was sobbing this morning and last night. I only went because I didn't want to pay the cancellation fee!

The dentist office was great. I was the only one there and there weren't the usual sights and sounds which was great. The dentist made lots of effort to chat to me and encourage me to worry. It's the biggest weight off my mind - it's been there nagging at me for the last four years! I now feel silly for torturing myself with worry!