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1st appt in AM ..Anxiety X 100



Junior member
Apr 15, 2009
Yes.. I've made it this far. I have an appointment at a
dental clinic first thing tomorrow. I'm determined not to cancel
this one because it took 2 months for an opening.
Right now I'm so caught up in the "What If's" that I can hardly
think straight.
Much of my fear comes from knowing this clinic is my only
choice. I don't have the option of going elsewhere if I'm super
uncomfortable for some reason. I'm in desperate need of dentures
so I'll have to take what I get...on all fronts I guess. Unless fear
paralyzes me I've just got to go through with it .
is denture is the only thing you need? If so, there is no danger of any damage. In other words, dentures are not like other dental treatment because it s not a surgical procedure. There is no need to remove any tissue (like enamel tissue) so there is no chance of any irreversible damage.
Worse case scenario: the dentures are not well made and you don't use them, and no damage is done to your teeth.

I hope my answer was of any use to you.
I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I do need multiple extractions before dentures.

All upper teeth (8) are broken at or below gum line and I only have a few
lowers. I suppose the work will take some time. My wish would be to be ...heavy sedation and as much work as is possible at each visit. I suspect I won't get either.

Here I go with the "what if" scenarios. Blah
Good luck, Karina; you are very brave and I am sending you very best wishes that all goes well for you.
Hi Karina, just wanted to wish you all the very best for today. I can empathise because dentally I am in a similar position, and am going to see a new dentist tomorrow! Thinking of you, and I know you will feel a million times better for going to this appointment!
Here I go with the "what if" scenarios. Blah
There are usually more than one treatment option. When coming to decide upon the treatment, many factors need to be considered: dental, medical, financial, esthetic, time limit and many more.
Also the patient's concerns are legitimate consideration. You have not told us what your worse case scenarios are about, but let me give you some examples:
1) fear of complication due to the multiple extractions. Than it would be better to try to spare as many teeth as possible and not to extract too many in one sitting.
2) fear that during the treatment you will suffer too much: than it is better to extract teeth in one session using deep sedation.
3) fear that the denture will not sit well: than it is better to spare as many teeth as possible.

My message is: every concern can be addressed. The key factors are good communication with the dentist, and finding an experienced resourceful dentist.
Hope you got on ok Karina I had 12 extractions and a partial denture fitted at the front 3 weeks ago so I know exactly what you are going though, massive well done for getting the treatment you need I know how tough it is to walk through that door scared believe me :) good luck on your journey