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1st appt. next thursday



Junior member
Dec 4, 2009
thanks you for this forum.

i am terrified! i am 30 years old. i haven't been to a dentist in 12 years. i have a hole in the side of a back molar and never had my wisdom teeth out. i notice another front small hole in a canine. i have several other fillings from childhood in some other molars. im just about have an anxiety attack thinking about them telling me they're all shot and have to be taken out or something along those lines. i dont really have any pain in my mouth except i think from crowding because of the wisdom teeth. it's just racking my brain 24/7. here is hoping it's not as bad as i think. :redface: so embarassed
hi and welcome!!

i think you'll find-like a lot of people here!- that our own imagination and fears about what "they might say/find" are loads worse than what the real situation is!

i swore i was going to be looked at with disgust by the dentist and maybe have her tell me that there was nothing she could do to help me, but one of the first things she did was say "we'll never judge you. we all have our things that we're scared of". it was such a relief.

just knowing the game plan and what needs to be done can be such a relief! you'll do great!! keep us posted! it's amazing how much these things can take up brain energy :cry: