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1st dental visit in 15 years



Junior member
Nov 9, 2012
I'm 25 years old and hadn't been to a dentist since having an abscessed tooth pulled at age 10. I was depressed and sick over the thought of visiting a dentist. It contributed hugely to my daily chronic anxiety and depression. The pain in my mouth caused headaches and jaw pain. I was so phobic I couldn't even watch dental commercials! I went today to a sedation dentist and got everything done in one shot with the help of triazolam and laughing gas. I had a full set of X-rays, a cleaning, an oral exam, 5 composite fillings done with air abrasion (which involve ZERO ZERO ZERO PAIN) and a sealant done due to some deep grooves in my back molars. The dentist also confirmed 4 wisdom teeth which are neither impacted or erupted and do not need to come out. I literally couldn't have asked for a better appointment. Not knowing is much more fear provoking then just taking the first step and getting the exam done so you know what it will take to get your mouth healthy! I highly recommend sedation dentistry as it literally erases all your fears!
:welcome: to the forum. Thank you for coming on here and telling us of your appointment. It is lovely to read about your positive experience and will give others comfort. :respect::respect::respect:

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