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1st Root Canal and scart to death!



Junior member
Jan 30, 2006
I'm new to this board and it was so great finding it!
I need a root canal done on my upper right side on the 4th tooth back, the one right after the eye tooth. The one after that I was told by a specialist has deep roots that I may have problems with later because they are going into my sinus cavities. -The rest of the teeth after that one have been pulled.
Which by the way, any of the teeth I have had pulled I was put to sleep for. Anyhow, the 4th tooth that needs a root canal the specialist said is pretty much dead, nothing in it. Not sure what he meant by that though. I still feel pain from it, esp with cold stuff or hot. My root canal is scheduled for the 7th of Feb.
I posted on another section of this about Xanax (the hour before anxiety pill the dentist suggest to me) and my questions on that. My question here is, are root canals painful??? Honesty please. I take it mine has no infection because they never talked about draining it first. How long does it usually take to do this? Does just nophacane make it so you can't feel a root canal being done or will you still feel some of the pain?? As I said, I posted a question else where about Xanax or gas. I'm not sure which to use yet though. I have my worries about the Xanax since I have a heart murmur and I don't know how that would effect it and I have never had gas before in my life. -I keep thinking I'll end up either still feeling the pain on gas or getting sick from it, or saying strange things to the Dr.!! Would so appreciate hearing from anyone out there.

Hi Roxy and :welcome: I had my 1st root canal last month, thankfully for me I didn't have to much time to think about it as the dentist said "are you ready to have it root canaled today? :scared: Yes I panicked, but it wasn't bad at all. Just like having a filling, but it took a little longer. He made sure I was really numb before he started and I didn't feel any pain. I has slight discomfort over the next couple of days, but he gave me medicine for that. All in all not at all what I thought it would be like. Hope this helps and best of luck :) :XXLhug:
About how long did it take time wise? You said all you had was nophacane? So no gas or pill? I am so nervous about this I think I will need more than just nophacane, not to mention all my back teeth have really deep roots and are soooo sensitive. I'd rather be knocked out for every thing if it were up to me, lol!! -But I do actually mean that! I guess my biggest worry is still being able to feel pain as they do it and just how long the procedure will take. I found out that it will take 3 more visits to my regular dentist after the root canal to do the crowing of it. First dealing with the temporary filling, then taking an impression, and finally the actual crown. By the time all this is done I won't even want to go back to get all of my other teeth worked on, not to mention cost wise. We have no dental insurance so this is really hard on us.
Hi Roxy. The actual root canal only took about 10-15 minutes. However I have been told by a relative who works in the dental field and used to work for my dentist that he works extremely fast so it might take longer. Also the tooth I had worked on only had one canal where as the farther back the tooth the more canals and the longer it will take. I honestley felt no pain and it was very deep and considered a "hot tooth". If I could have gotten gas I would have, however my dentist wants someone there with you and that would mean telling someone about my phobia, which I have not done. I kept tested the tooth with my tongue to make sure I was numb and when I thought I wasn't I told him and he gave me more local. Most dentists are as concerned as you are that you won't feel pain, as they want you to come back. So if you think you are not numb enough tell him/her. :grouphug:
I've had quite a few root canals, and usually they are a major relief for me, as I had abcesses that were VERY VERY painful. I have to say, though, that it wasn't a quick procedure any of the time. Most (all?) of my root canals were multiple day procedures, but after the first session (and then I was numbed up) they were entirely pain free.

For me the 'fiddly' part of the root canal is actually rather calming and not scary.

But I do admit I was pretty freaked by the idea of the first two.

Hi to all!
Well I am happy to say my root canal is done with!! The day it was scheduled for I had to cancel because I came down with a really bad flue bug and was layed up in bed for 5 days. They scheduled me for Feb. 15 and I didn't have no driver or anyone to go with me so I decided to have the gas (nitro) instead of the pill (Xanax). I was so nervous! I had to take 4 antibiotics at once an hour before going in and those felt like they got stuck in my chest. I drank so much water that of course by the time I got there I had to sit in the bathroom forever! The dentist was super nice and was so patient. I told them this was my first time on the gas so I didn't know how it would affect me. They had it on me and explained to breathe thru my nose and exhail thru my nose, then he said if I feel my fingers or toes start to tingle to please let them know and they'll turn it down. As soon as he said that I started to feel really funny and like I should say something.........the next thing I know I was in dream land! I came to a few times but didn't feel a thing. Just like a deep sleep and then in and out of it until the procedure was all done. It was great! I'm not sure I would have been without any pain at all if my tooth wasn't dead to begin with (like some say theirs is infected and hurting bad before they need a root canal done). I think about that a lot still too and of course still worry about future dental work. Just because this went great doesn't mean I am no longer afraid! But so far there has been no real pain or discomfort from the root canal. I am worried to bite hard on that side until I get my permanent filling in and the crown. -Which by the way I am scart about because I won't be put to sleep for that!!! That's in 2 weeks, the first Friday in March. So I'll let you know how that goes.
Hey Roxy, congratulations! :jump: Isn't it a great relief to have it over? It's good to hear that you don't have any residual pain- I was quite sore for about 4 days, but that could have been leftover swelling from the infection I had in my tooth, which was quite bad.

Let me know how the permanent crown goes!