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1st time to visit Dentist in 7yrs.



Junior member
Nov 7, 2021
I really have PTSD going to the dentist for work done since younger years and painful experiences with some dentists.
I'm going to the dentist on Monday for a molar that's sensitive to hot.
I get so worked up I make myself nauseous, tummy cramps. I don't know how to turn that off. I cant get out of my head.
I was going to take .25 mg. Of xanax an hour before. I'm going to have them use nitrous oxide for the first time. Is there an interaction between them?
I know my dentist once told me I could literally make the xanax useless if I let my body fight the calming effect.
I guess I need a cheerleader to tell me not to worry and I can get through and stop stressing.
The most important is to let your dentist know you will be taking the Xanax. They can then tell you if there is any interaction with the treatment.
Hope it goes well today!!
Hi Pasu,

coming a bit late to this, but wanted to reply anyway. Hope your appointment went well on Monday. If you get to it, shoot us an update, I‘d love to read how you did!
When it comes to turning off the nausea and tummy cramps.. well, it would be lovely if these things worked like that. If this is something you would like to work on for the future, then a gradual baby step slow approach with a very good dentist may help.

It sounds like your dentist meant well, but the remark about if you let your body fight the calming effect doesn‘t sound helpful at all to me. I’m not even sure how that would work - it assumes that when we are anxious and triggered, we have capacities to decide about our stress symptoms.. it doesn‘t make sense :confused: The good thing is that medication works independently of our will, you just need a good dose and the right drug. Hope all went well!