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1st visit to the dentist in 10 years booked



Junior member
Jun 12, 2017
Hi there please be gentle it's my first post here ...stumbled across this when googling dental phobia ..reading some of the posts on here has made me realise I am not the only one going through this so I bit the bullet and booked an appointment for Thursday I am having palpitations thinking about it but that first step has been made ...my teeth have been neglected for years due to bad experience at student dentist years ago and also a bad bout of depression which I have since overcome ...the only thing stopping me being fully happy is my teeth I have about 6 crumbed teeth and feel so ashamed I have let it get to this I am scared the dentist will run a mile when he/she looks in my mouth ? but I need to sort this ..anyone any tips to calm myself down so I actually go to the appointment please ? I feel sick at the thought of it my hands are trembling typing this .. Ohh I need to beat this!!!
Well, you've already taken huge first steps, by booking the appointment and posting here, so well done!

Don't worry, the dentist will not run a mile. They will have seen much worse, I promise you! They'll probably have seen worse that very same day. I too had depression and anxiety which kept me from taking care of my teeth and going to the dentist, and by the time I went, almost all of my teeth had significant visible decay and many were broken down below the gum line.

Various different professionals looked in my mouth over the course of my treatment, especially as I got treated at a dental hospital by dentists in training, and then had all my treatment done in one go in a regular hospital. Not a single student dentist, graduated dentist, dental assistant, x-ray guy, nurse, anesthetist, or oral surgeon so much as batted an eye. I was really really scared of their reaction, but no one reacted at all. It's all part of the job to them. They are there to treat dental issues, not judge you for having dental issues!

It can help to explain your situation to the dentist beforehand. Explain that you haven't been in a long time and are really, really nervous, but want to get the treatment done. You can ask to have little breaks during the appointment if you get overwhelmed. Letting the dentist know your needs is the best way to get the best care.

Most dentists are very compassionate and kind. If any dentist makes you feel bad, you don't have to see them again. But most are really nice and are used to treating anxious patients.

You can do this! :)
First of all welcome. It's great you made your first appointment. And on top of that you are beating you depression. That's excellent!

I hope your appointment goes well. Please post back and let us know how it goes. I will try to keep an eye out for you.

As far as tips go what helps me is little to no caffeine, a few walks ( I don't exercise unless I am freaking out ) and I found a relaxing music to listen to. I think it's a meditation cd but I just listen to it and don't fuss about the details.

My teeth are a mess too. If anything my dentists have been more than kind. Most want to help.

Good luck!