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~2.5 months post-wisdom teeth extraction, something seems trapped in my gums, very worried



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Oct 29, 2016
~2.5 months post-wisdom teeth extraction, something seems trapped in my gums, very worried

I'm not really sure what's going on here. I had my wisdom teeth back in mid-August, so it's been a little over two months, almost three. There's no swelling, minor pain (mainly when moving mouth, if I touch it/etc.), but there is definitely something there. I was noticing my extraction site looked a little blue so I went to my oral surgeon Thursday, 10/20. He thought something must be stuck back there and cleaned it out - some black stuff came out. He had no idea what that was, I've been extremely diligent about cleaning, so I'm not sure either. Once I got home, I was able to get a little more of the black stuff out over the next two days... there still seemed to be a little leftove,r but I couldn't get it. It has looked like a black line for about a week and wasn't giving me any problems, but yesterday it started seeming really blue once again and the black line/marks are still majorly there. My oral surgeon is an hour away from me and I have a busy work/school week, so it is a huge pain to have to drive up there, but I feel so frustrated at this point. My oral surgeon also doesn't normally schedule appointments more than one week in advance unless there is swelling or major pain. If there was stuff, I'm frustrated he didn't get it out (i'm not blaming because I understand it can be difficult to find everything, but the situation is frustrating), but I'm also frustrated that I seem to be doing absolutely everything I'm supposed to, but I keep having problems? Everything else in my post-op has gone completely fine. I'm terrified of infection. I don't want to have to keep re-opening the wound and setting back the healing either. Any tips?

TL:DR - Is this something I need to go back to the oral surgeon right away for or should I just wait a bit and see how it goes? Do things trapped in the gums work their way out?

Picture attached below!



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Sep 3, 2016
United States
Re: ~2.5 months post-wisdom teeth extraction, something seems trapped in my gums, very worried

It does look very unusual. The coloration looks very similar to bruising. It's possible you still have some amount of bruising from when the oral surgeon went back in. This can take a couple of weeks to go away.

Was the wisdom tooth impacted or was it already all the way in? Do you know if it ever had an amalgam (silver) filling in it? Amalgam stained gum tissue can also look like that.

If it was me, and it wasn't painful I'd give it more time to heal. Your mouth tends to be able to heal most things given enough time. It's unlikely to be anything that you need to have taken care of right away, especially since the oral surgeon just checked it recently.