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2 Days until extraction and immediate dentures freaking out!!



Junior member
Sep 26, 2018
Hi All,

I am 37 Years old and have had several teeth crack that will need to be extracted and also have both of my front teeth to come out, One of my front teeth has always been a bit discoloured due to a sports injury when I was young and the other is a little crooked - I always been afraid to smile because of how it looks so I know I need this done for my own self confidence but I have heard too many bad stories!

I am 2 days away from getting this done and am thinking of pulling out ( no pun intended ) should I go through with it ??? If only I had of looked after my teeth when I was younger :cry: I am very worried about recovery and how long it will take and if I will be able to talk properly and eat properly again - I am getting metal cast partials dentures are they the best ones ??

Please help!!
Help help help
How’s it going?

Any better?
Also, you can do this.
Further, if your username checks out then call this number and tell them what you told us:
1300 22 4636
How are you doing Australia? Getting extractions done is a huge and scary step so of course you panic, but I am sure you will be happy you got through it once it is done. Just think of being able to smile againd and feeling more confident. Regretting the past belongs to the process, just try to be kind to yourself.
Hope you are well, do keep us posted
Hi, its 2 days after extractions and I haven't had many issues at all the surgery went well and denture fitted in nicely! They told me not to take it out for a few days but I am worried about taking it out! I haven't eaten much yet but getting there and the pain is bearable.
Australia.. that sounds all pretty good! Its gonna be an adjustment , but good for you for going and getting it done!! I hope you can find some softer things you like for a while to get you used to eating with it..
So glad you are doing well. This past summer I had all of my bottom pulled and immediates put in. With the exception of going back aboot every two weeks for adjustments while I healed I had an awesome recovery. Very little swelling, talking fine from the day I got them. Eating took the most getting used to but I’d say after about a good month I was eating fine. Sounds like you are on the same positive path As I wAs. Anticipation was far worse than afterward.

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