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2 deep fillings done


Jane Dorothy

Junior member
Jun 14, 2019
Hi, it's me again. Recently, I posted about my worries for wisdom tooth surgery and also posted about my fillings for 2 deep decay in my right molar. I was worried and had panic attack for two of these procedure. I posted about my success story for my wisdom tooth surgery and now I am going to talk about my success story for my filling for some people who is phobic of dental treatment.
After my great experience at the dental for my removal of two horizontal impacted wisdom tooth, I decided to go to the same dental for my 2 fillings. I know fillings aren't as invasive as wisdom tooth surgery, but what made me scared is the needle which gave me agreat anxiety attack after a bad experience in the past. In the past, the previous dentist gave me injection and I could feel the nasty prick which gave me a shock and made me shouted in pain.

I must thank this forum as many expertise gave me advice on how to face my fear, esp to Dr Daniel. Also, thanks to those who share your success story, it indeed made me felt at ease. So when I had my appointment yesterday at about 5pm, I was dreading to leave my house as I suddenly wanted to back off, hence I told myself I need to do this in order to not let my decay cause more complicated procedure such as root canal. Initially, my dentist planned with me that she will do the filling slowly after addressing my fear of needles to her. She was kind enough to accommodate to my request and was emphatic to my fear. During the actual day of my appointment, I went in and aksed her if I should get LA, she then said that it's better to do so as she is afriad I might feel alot of sensitivity due to my deep decay. At the moment, I didn't know what came into me and I told her that I want to go for LA!! I then raised my concern about the needle and started asking her lots of question about the needle. She was patient enough to answer my doubt. I requested for her to go slowly as possible.The nurse was then being instructed to give me numbing spray and let it sit in my gum for awhile while my dentist waits for me. I got relaxed and assured after knowing that she will be taking good care of me. Amazingly, my dentist even asked the nurse to give me eye mask so that I won't have to look at the needle. She told me what I would be expecting. Surprisingly, I felt 0 pain!! Even better than what I thought!! I can't believe it thst a painless injection could be done. However, my tongue didn't feel numb enough and she asked if I want another shot and promised me that the second shot will be more comforting. Which is true!!
My dentist then said even though I am numbed up, she will do it very slolwy wjere the whole procedure took 1hr. I could say that I almost fell asleep but was awakened by my dentist who kept ensuring if I felt okay. The filling process from the drilling to the filling felt kind of nice, like someone giving my teeth a massage!

Here, I would like to tell you that it is important to let your dentist know about your fear and they will help you overcome it!! It is important to find a dentist where you're comfortable with. I can tell you that I am a paranoid person and have a great anxiety and is afraid of almost anything. If I can overcome my fear, so can you. All you need to do is to take the forst step to go for it, don't delay or avoid an important procedure because of fear. You have to think of the positive outcome that once you've gone through the difficult moment, you will have beautiful smiles in the long run!!!

Best of luck to you, my friend!! You can do this!!