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2 Extractions of Upper Right



Junior member
Feb 6, 2017
Hello Folks! I am in a bit of a panic! I just had two upper right (my right) and have been having some issues...
The two teeth were badly infected and unable to be numbed completely. The dentist pulled them anyway! It was Hell on Earth and brought this grown 33 year old Father to his knees!

To add to the problem list, I'm a three year clean recovering addict. Soooo, no opiates for pain for this guy...

Fast forward, no antibiotics sere prescribed after nor before extraction. My face, predictably, swelled up the next day. The evening came and my face was ON FIRE leading to my nose and eye socket.

I went to the ER per the dentist on call. I am seen and was 'borderline' admitted by the Attending doctor. She hesitantly send me home with oral Augmentin 875mg. Instructions were to return if the pain was worse or I got a fever.

Now today, my face is still swollen, still hurts, and I have a sore throat to boot!

My question, should I go back to the Emergency room? I don't want to feel stupid...

Thanks folks! God Bless!


Junior member
Feb 6, 2017
I'm no dentist but if your worried then I would go back. If I was worried then I wouldn't be able to rest which makes recovery longer.

When my wife had teeth out her face was swollen and sore for a couple of days and she was on pain killers.