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2 root canals, same tooth, still soreness



Junior member
May 23, 2012

I had a root canal and crown done some months ago. After the 1st one, I began feeling sensitivity and pain with hot, cold and chewing. My dentist opened it back up and found that it was infected due to leakage. He said he could not have known it was infected until he opened it. He refilled the root canal and sealed it. It took two weeks to get my crown and I noticed sensitivity again. When it came time to put the crown on, I had him put it on temporarily just in case, because he said he had no idea why I would be feeling it. It's been a few weeks since then. It doesn't feel like the time it was infected, but I feel soreness and some pain through pressure. Today, I went back and he agreed to do the root canal again... My question is why? Just to fill it, go through the pain and have the same problem. '

My questions:

Is there something he's not telling me?

Is he missing something? Because he says he can't see anything in the new x-ray. But this time he said he noticed a circle around the top of the root canal in the old x-ray post 1st root canal, but said before, that he couldn't have known there was an infection till he opened it. Contradiction.

I have sensitivity/soreness when I push on the front side of the tooth worked on, chewing on it, but less when pressing on the back side. ???

I advised (I advised, geez...) that he check my bite again. He did and found some touching, so he shaved a little off. I said that I'd take a little time to see if that helps and to ponder what to do next. He's not offering any sound advice here.

Please help!!!

Judy C :)
You could ask for a referral to a specialist endodontist. How long ago was the last RCT done?
Hi Judy :welcome:he doesn't know what he is doing, get a second opinion from an endontist (sorry spelling) I think it is, it is somebody that specialises in doing rct, this is all they do. Your dentist has bitten off more than he can chew here from the sound of things. You need a specialist now to stand any chance of saving the tooth and sooner rather than later.
RCT's can fail, and I have had 2 recently one is fine the other has failed, usually if they need re-doing you need a specialist not your dentist.

I wish you well and I would like to know how you get on if you would be kind enough to update us. :)

I am sure someone will come along soon and explain it better than me and give you the correct name and spelling of the specialist.
You could ask for a referral to a specialist endodontist. How long ago was the last RCT done?

My last root canal... around 2 months ago.

Hi, thanks for the input. I'll keep updating.