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2 wisdom teeth and a molar extraction..Success!



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Apr 28, 2018
Just 10 days ago I was relaxing on a beach vacation...when I got home I got the courage up to visit a dentist about a broken tooth. Seemed to kill my relaxed vibe right away. I had been doing some research until I found a dentist with amazing reviews (even from self proclaimed anxious patients). My dental appointment was not horrible, but the tooth would have to be extracted, part of me predicted this because my anxiety kept me from addressing this for far too long. She suggested I have it done by an oral surgeon and reported my wisdom teeth may need to come out too. I researched her suggestions and opted for the oral surgeon with the largest online presence with positive reviews (this may be unnecessary but it makes me feel better). I also made myself an appointment for a much needed cleaning, the cleaning went well due to the kind patient staff and some topical numbing cream.

The consultation with the oral surgeon didn't go as smoothly. I found out due to the fancy 365 x ray a root canal I had done about 6-7 years ago was done poorly, the tooth was failing, and would also need to be removed. Here's where the tears almost started. I started getting overwhelmed. The surgeon was SO KIND. She kept reassuring me I'd be okay and started to go over my options with me, including bridges and implants for the molars and gave me information about wisdom teeth removal. She was concerned I may be too uncomfortable doing all six teeth at the same time and suggested two extraction (with possible bone graphing where the molars were for future implants) appointments. At first this bothered me but later I'll explain why it worked out. I opted for IV sedation, she told me I may not fall asleep completely but I'd sure feel like I did, she answered my many questions, reassuring me I would not be aware of what was happening, not aware of time, and would like have 0 memories of the procedure. I left telling them I'd schedule soon.

After calling my husband, Mom, and best friend freaking out I knew I had to push forward. They were able to get me in on Tuesday (the consultation was the Thursday before), I sucked it up and scheduled. The following days were filled with crying, anxiety, reading every success story on here, talking to every friend that had a positive experience. Last night I really lost it , sobbed at night and eventually slept. Before that I made sure to force myself to eat a balanced dinner since I wouldn't be able to eat in the morning as well.

Today was the day andddd I'm okay!! My appointment was at 11am so I didn't have to wait around too long this am. I took a nice shower and found comfy clothes. My husband had taken the day off to take me, I was doing okay and then in the cab to the appointment ohh boy, anxiety central. I mediated over and over again until I felt a little calmer. When we arrived that the office the extremely sweet receptionist went over some things with us and reassured me again I'd be fine. I'm telling you everyone at this office is so nice. I went back shortly after and felt a bit like crying again.

The assistant introduced herself and got me settled, she worked to make me as comfortable as possible and made small talk to keep my distracted. The surgeon came in and checked in with me, she made a light hearted joke about my heart rate and blood pressure (both were nuts) and reassured me she'd help me calm down. They got me hooked up with a oxygen reader on my finger, some tiny sticky panels on my chest, and a little thing at my nose to breath in.

I didn't really know but they started me on some oxygen and laughing gas while I meditated and did deep breathing techniques to feel more comfortable. The surgeon praised me for managing my anxiety and kept telling me I was doing great. She was ready for the IV then, it took two tries, apparently I have small veins, she used a numbing gel on both spots and was very gentle. Just a pinch, she was able to get it in a vein the first time but the vein wasn't receiving the medication well because it was tiny. She was so apologetic, let me know I'm doing great, and tried my arm on the other side, and got it !! They started with a benzo/anti-anxiety medication and that really calmed me a lot. They kept checking in on how I was feeling and let me know it was okay to sleep when they put the other stuff in, I almost felt like I was accidentally fighting sleep a little, fading in and out for a few minutes, and then I was out. I woke up when they were finishing a few stitches (didn't feel a thing) and doing gauze. I wasn't scared because of the medicine but I think I was confused, they reassured me until my loopy mind got it that the teeth were out and it was over. I don't think I have any memories of the procedure, to be honest it's all hazy until I got back to my apartment. I know I felt calm though and I wasn't in pain. If anything the gauze was just a little annoying. They had me rest in the recovery room and brought my husband to me.

After I got settled at home my husband went for my medications (we live in NYC and took a cab home so I didn't have to move much). He helped me change the gauze before he went to get them and it wasn't that bloody. A little annoying, bit of a bad taste in my mouth but no pain. I put some new gauze in and by the time he came back with medicine I was able to take it out to drink some water and eat a little (just some ice cream) to take a pain killer (Percocet). I didn't need anymore gauze. Not to be gross but I drooled all over my ice pack and it was clear. I've been icing religiously 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. I've taken a second dose of meds and ate some mashed potatoes. I've been trying to keep my water intake up.

I feel no pain guys, none! Maybe some mild discomfort when I first got home and as the numbing continues to wear off (I hate the feeling of this stuff) but I'm so amazed by how well it went.

Ask all the questions you need, it'll make you feel better. No question is stupid, I had to call to confirm that I needed to take my gel manicure off (apparently it messes with monitors..It was on some pre op paperwork I was given), to confirm I could take my allergy pill this morning, and I asked the surgeon a few times while there about the IV sedation and liked knowing what I was being given when.

Find the right fit, I know my surgeon and her staff greatly assisted in my feeling better. Constantly reminding me I was okay, going to be okay, was doing great.

Try to get a little sleep and do eat the day before (if you're being sedated), you can't eat or drink in the morning so you don't want to be light headed before you even go in bc anxiety didn't let you eat.

Try some relaxation techniques, deep breathing, meditation.

Take it easy and slow. We live in a fifth floor apartment in an older NYC building with no elevator, I took my time on the stairs and probably won't head down them for another day as I need to walk to everything here anyway and want to rest. I went straight to the couch with my dogs and let myself just chill. I'm a psychotherapist so I need to speak a lot at work therefore I've booked 3 days off and prepped my clients I may need more time. Over the weekend we stocked up on soft foods I may want. Do whatever you need to do to make it easiest for you.

For me it’s very manageable having only one side healing, if it’s the recovery you’re scared of consider doing it one side at a time. It just depends on what is scaring you.

I highly recommend the IV sedation for anyone anxious. Don’t worry you won’t become a YouTube video. I was a little loopy as in I didn’t process information well and needed things repeated. Besides that the only random thing I did was text my best friend and tell him I survived and wanted to go for a walk in the park with the flowers. And apparently said something similar to my husband in the cab ride home haha I don’t know spring sprung in NYC this week must have been on my mind.

I have to go back and do this all again and I feel okay about it . I think dental work will always make me a little anxious but I know I'll be okay. I'm being very careful to follow the instructions so I don't develop complications. I hope this helps others feel better about their procedure, I think I may have read every wisdom teeth success story on here before mine. Ill keep you posted if anything changes and I’m happy to answer any questions! You can do it !! I promise!!
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