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2 Wisdom teeth extractions with IV?!



Junior member
May 15, 2017
Ok so after a period of 8/9 years without going to the dentist, I finally found my courage last month to get a check-up. I have been unable to eat on the left side of my face properly for around 3 years and just feeling fed up. So I booked my self into a private dentist as I knew they offered sedation, which eased the thought of what was to come. After my initial check-up, I went back a week later to for a consultation and treatment plan. Outcome;
  • 2 Wisdom tooth extractions as both teeth are fractured.
  • Hour of deep cleaning
  • 1 filling
  • 20 scale and polish.

All with I.V Sedation. Tomorrow is the first part of my treatment the two extractions of my wisdom teeth and can honestly say I am terrified, even with the outstanding team at my dentist. I'm terrified of the sedation and what to expect and the needles.

Any one have any reassuring tips or experiences of what I could expect? :cry:


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
IV sedation is often like being asleep, or mostly asleep. Many people don't remember the procedure at all, and feel like they took a nap for the duration. You are semi-conscious and can respond to commands, and some people can vaguely remember this part, but you will be in a state of very deep relaxation and won't have a care. Many people on this forum have had it, and they all said it was great for them. :)

The needle usually goes in the back of your hand, and can be little pinch feeling. You don't have to look at it, and it won't be super painful. The drugs work fast, so very quickly you'll be in fairyland. It'll feel like no time has passed at all when you come back around.

Extractions are actually one of the quicker procedures, so you won't be in there for too long. You might have some bleeding at first, but this stops pretty quickly. You'll probably be a bit swollen and tender, but I wouldn't expect much pain - I've had full extractions and it was barely painful at all while recovering.

It's natural to be scared of something new. You'll be fine though. Hang in there :hug4: