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2 wisdom teeth removed



Dec 12, 2008
So I had my 2 right wisdom teeth removed today. I did it with just novacaine and I was really nervous before hand. They came out pretty easy, the dentist used a little metal tool for a few seconds then the pliars to wiggle and pull them out. I felt a lot of pressure which I made myself think was pain but by the time I wanted to complain they were out. Im hoping my left wisdom teeth can stay clean and good because I dont want to have to get them out but we will see.

Anyways now I am just worried about the recovery(I was more worried about this then the actual pulling). I am on day 3 of antibiotic so hopefully that takes care of the infection. I will definitely be staying away from straws and spitting so I lessen my chances for dry socket.

Also its been about 5 hours since the procedure and I am still bleeding although not as bad. I still haven't eaten anything because I am nervous about that but I will probably drink an ensure soon. The dentist said dont rinse for 24 hours but if I eat/drink wont that stuff contaminate the extraction sites?
Congratulations on getting the work done. That stuff shouldn't contain bacteria or it would make you sick- you'll be fine..... You need the nourishment to heal and pain med for a day or two to keep you comfortable.