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20-30% bone loss in my two front lower teeth - please help!



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Jan 24, 2024

I'm a 42 year old male. Due to anxiety I had not been going to a dentist for at least 15 years. Only last year in April 2023 did I begin to get the courage to go back. The dentist that I saw took an x-ray and said at first that there was "about 20%" bone loss in my two front lower teeth due to tartar build up from over the years when I did not get dental check ups. I have seen him twice since then, but this week on Monday my dentist implied that he would like to remove my two front bottom teeth! He did not take any additional x-rays to check the progress of any bone loss. He only has the one to go on from April last year. Then when I reminded him about the 20% bone loss that he said, he replied with "well, it's about 20 or 30%." And then he said the teeth were weak?!?

I have lost faith in my dentist and have actually transferred to a new one. I was told that I should get an appointment within a month and I have requested copies of the x-rays that were taken last year. I am now brushing twice a day. I used to do so just once. And I have bought an electric toothbrush, too.

I have been consumed with worry and anxiety ever since what I was told on Monday and am extremely worried about those teeth! They are not loose or painful to chew with. As you can see in the photos, the front tooth on the right is longer than the one next to it on the left and it looks like there is some gum loss on the back of my front teeth. But I'm not sure?

Is there any hope? Any solutions other than teeth extractions? It wouldn't be so bad if they were teeth toward the back of my mouth but I don't want a huge gap showing!

Thank you.

Edit: Some additional information I missed out is that I was seeing my former dentist every 3-4 months for cleaning and he gave me a mouth guard to prevent any teeth grinding when I sleep.


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Can't tell about bone loss or prognosis from photos, sorry.
I wouldn't panic too much right now though, wait till you've had another dentist's opinion when they actually examine you. You're still young and bone loss is a slow process.

If you look at the left photo, you have a very thick and high lingual frenum attachment, this is possibly contributing to the problem.

Make sure that you use your "spare" hand to pull your bottom lip down out of the way so that you can see what you're doing when you're cleaning this area. Don't be put off by occasional bleeding, it's not a sign that you're brushing "too hard", it's a sign that you've not been getting all the plaque off.

Thank you for the response. That puts me at ease somewhat. I always wondered about my frenum attachment and whether it is worth enquiring about getting a removal. Your last paragraph is also excellent advice. I will be sure to take that up!

Thanks again!
Kudos to your for beginning your dental self care. That took alot of courage. A win for you. Take baby steps. Get a second or third opinion. And trust your gut. There are ways that your dentist can help you strengthen your gums and limit the recession more. Electronic toothbrush is a good purchase. Celebrate your wins! Slow and steady......