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20 year old crown and bite 'pressure'



May 30, 2013
I have a very nicely fitting crown with no concerns with the gum, etc. bottom right (1st large) molar. There is a tooth missing before it. It was put on about 20 years ago because the molar had so many major fillings and very little tooth left and I had great insurance. I noticed today that my first bite of some firm but not hard food caused a sensation of 'pressure'. No pain, not sensitive to heat, cold, regular biting, tap test ......... There is no upper tooth above this molar but I sleep in a nightguard and noticed all my side teeth have been sore in the morning this week from clenching. The discomfort clears up within hours.
I live on Social Security and have no money for x rays, etc. Is it safe to ignore until other symptoms? I'm 72 and lost 3 molars to chemo.

Yes. I might be inclined to leave out the guard for a night and see how you feel in the morning.
I still get a 'pressure' feeling once in a while if I bite something really firm. It happens on the first bite and is not painful, just like a high filling would feel. Nothing else bothers the tooth. Gum looks great.
HOWEVER: I rubbed my finger over that tooth and the tooth behind it. It's much higher. Possibly moved/ shifted since I'd lost the small molar in front of it after chemo about 11 years ago. I can also see the cement at the gum line.

The other side has no missing teeth on the bottom and the cusps are all even to the touch.

I'm phobic due to childhood dental work in the 1950's when my dentist insisted there was no pain in baby teeth and don't have income to pay for even a checkup (2 1/2 years). Now I have a panic attack if I hear any sound that could pass for a dental drill!
I'm keeping it clean and trying to remember not to eat firm food on that side. Sound okay???
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Sure it'll be fine.

Have to say though, it sounds like it would be a fairly simple fix if you plucked up the courage to get it looked at. Slight adjustment of the crown to ease the bite off a bit, wouldn't take more than 10 minutes and wouldn't hurt at all.