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20 years old and 6 fillings already



Junior member
Apr 16, 2022
I’m so embarrassed how many fillings I have I brush twice a day use mouthwash and floss and yet somehow I keep developing more. No one else Ik my age has this many at most they have 3 or 4. I have one tooth that needs extracting from a root canal and then 3 fillings but I think I’ve found 2 more that need to be filled. I’m so worried I’ve ruined my teeth for life I’m scared to go to the dentist in fear for how many he will tell me I’ve got. I just feel like nobody has got this many at such a young age
Don’t feel bad. I’ve had quite a lot of
Fillings over the years despite trying my best not to get cavities. I have a friend just like me. Lots of cavities despite brushing and flossing and eating well. I believe some people are just more susceptible to cavities. I know so many people who never floss, never use mouthwash. Drink soda everyday and hardly a cavity.

It sounds to me you can ask for conservative dentistry, meaning treating as little as possible, and if there is a small cavity: just to keep it under supervision.
If your dentist is willing to take that approach, it requires you keep superb oral hygiene and frequent check ups (with x rays).
It goes without saying: I have no idea what your dental situation is so I might be misleading, but still: it is worth exploring a more conservative approach.
@Dr. Daniel the two new things I’m worried about is a tiny black dot on a molar and a tiny pit in another molar I was going to ask about having a sealant on the pit as it doesn’t look dark and it quit shallow I think
As for the black dot some people have told me they have had one and it was okay but don’t want to leave it incase
color is not a good indication for a cavity, but it is legitimate to let a dentist remove the discoloration and if needed to seal/fill it.
Please allow me to share with you a video I made which might be helpful for you:
Self blaming, shame and guilt in light of dental problems
@Dr. Daniel thank you for your support I managed to get a appointment today because I was so panicked and they said there not cavities just some discolouration and a small pit but apparently I have some inactive decay on my molars so I’m not sure what to do about that apart from keeping up with a good oral hygiene routine