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20 years old and a full dental clearance!



Junior member
Aug 6, 2015
Hi guys
I need some advice and support from who ever will listen.
I was diagnosed with a liver disease when I was 14, I've been taking medication to counteract this disease for 6 years and it has done terrible the to my teeth.
I'm twenty years old and in 19 days I'm getting a full dental clearance, I am having major anxiety about everything and I can't seem to see the bigger picture.
Everyone is telling me when I have a beautiful smile I won't even remember it, but being 2 months without any teeth is a terrifying thought, and I have so many questions, will I be able to eat with no teeth, my anxiety will get worse and I don't know what to do or how to react.

I am a dentist and without examining you I would suggest having a seconds opinion. Given your young age, extracting all teeth sounds like a very drastic treatment and a second opinion might yield new treatment options.

Assuming that you indeed need to have all your teeth extracted, it is very common and advisable to have an immediate denture. This denture is temporary (for two months, until your mouths tissues
each their final form) and has several advantages: besides the fact that it allows you to smile and chew, it also protects the healing gums and serves as a scaffold for the tissues and helps them gaining a nice shape during healing.