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22 and terrified my teeth are too bad to help



Junior member
Aug 25, 2017
I have always had okay dental hygiene growing up but like most kids loved sweets. I attended the same dentist from 7 until 18 never really staying with the same person, the last man I seen for about 4 years who did manage to hurt me a few times which then made me dread going and reduced me to tears even going for a check up. On my last visit I was told everything was good and to return in 6 months for my next check up so off I went. A couple of months later I went to get a mouth guard fitted to which I was told I had 4 unfinished root canals and 4 temporary fillings currently in my mouth along with at least 2 abscesses. I was distraught at this and thought my life was over which to be fair still feels this way. I have changed to a different dentist which was a massive step for me, currently I have most of my back teeth filled and will need one pulled because of the abscess, my two front teeth both have fillings also which I am so paranoid about no matter how many people tell me it is not that noticeable. I am so anxious about this and it makes me feel so bad! I sometimes sit and cry in work because I am just so down about it. Can anyone advise on what they would do? Really appreciate it thank you
As long as your dental hygiene is good and thorough, and you're going to the dentist for your check-ups and cleanings, you're doing the best you possibly can, and any new issues that arise will be treated as promptly as possible. You've been very brave to get all these treatments, especially after being in pain during some.

I'm sorry your dentist before wasn't very good. I'm also sorry you've needed so much work - it can be very disheartening. But you're handling it really well! It probably doesn't feel like it, but you are. I think anyone would be seriously upset to have needed so much work and to hear that they had unfinished treatments done.

Maybe you could look into some counselling to help you deal with the emotional side of this. It wouldn't be silly - people get depressed over all sorts of things. It sounds like it has affected your self-esteem and you're dreading needing more work. Not to mention your last dentist seriously let you down. You shouldn't have to be this unhappy.

Do you like your current dentist? Perhaps you could talk to them too.

Hang in there :hug4: