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24 and never been to a dentist but this week I finally have to go



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Nov 30, 2021
Hi, I'm 24 years old and I've never been to a dentist. I posted here once already explaining why and you all were really nice to me and helpful so thank you a lot :( It's embarrassing but ever since then I kept waiting as if my cavity was going to magically fix itself but well, it didn't. It got worse and I've been having terrible pain since yesterday, I can't sleep or eat and painkillers help for max. 30 mins. I know this is the time to go. I found a dentist already that has a lof of positive reviews, I can schedule the appointment online and the visit will be on Thursday but I think I'll try calling her tomorrow to see if she can see me sooner cause of the pain. I'm really scared. I have no idea how a dentist appointment looks like. I'm terrified of other people looking at the mess in my mouth :( sooooo ashamed but also my teeth have been my biggest issue ever since I can remember. Maybe once I go and see what it's like I'll be able to continue going and I'll fix them so I wouldn't need to be ashamed of smiling anymore? That definitely sounds nice. I know I really NEED to go this time but it's so scary. I have huge anxiety so it's making things much worse :( Can someone please leave some encouraging messages?
Hi @AMANTE, well done for finding a dentist that has lots of positive reviews, and for making an appointment :). With an emergency appointment, in the usual way, the dentist will try and get you out of pain first and foremost. Maybe you could tell her when you see her that you've never been to a dentist and that you don't know what to expect and that you're frightened? That way, she can tell you what will happen and how she can make sure that you'll be comfortable. There's no shame in admitting that you've never seen a dentist. If the good reviews are anything to go by, she'll be really pleased that out of all the dentists you could have chosen, you picked her to get help with this problem!

I don't know what a typical dentist appointment looks like in Poland (our Polish members like @Lioness might know more), but it's probably not too different from the UK. There's a page here which might help:

I suspect though that your dentist will be focused on helping you get out of pain during your first visit, and that anything else will wait for later.

Keeping my fingers crossed that you like her and get on well with her :thumbsup:! (please let us know how it went)
Hi @AMANTE, :)
I agree with everything what @letsconnect has said so wouldn't like to repeat myself. :) It won't be bad! :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your appointment going well!
@letsconnect, @Lioness thank you!!
the appointment was thankfully rescheduled and it's happening tomorrow, I'm terribly anxious but the pain is so unbearable I'm happy that soon this all will be over. I have no idea how I'm going to survive it, my anxiety will probably make everything much worse but at least I will be able to sleep and eat again. These past few days were a nightmare and the pain is just getting worse and worse, tonight will be a nightmare too unfortunately :( I just hope that no one will judge me there and they will be able to help me quickly :( I'll come here after the appointment to say how it went!
thank you so much your support meant a lot!! ❤️❤️❤️
I SURVIVED!! The dentist was SO nice and she didn't even react when I said it was my first visit, she was gentle and whenever I felt pain (and it was nothing compared to the last few days) she used more anesthesia (and the injection didn't hurt at all it was just uncomfortable for a second!!). She also said my teeth aren't that bad but I need to come back on Saturday for cleaning and she also started the root canal but she can't finish it so she recommended me another doctor that I need to call and schedule the appointment. Now I'm mostly worried about the cost cause it's a molar so the treatment is going to be expensive :( so I hope I can be done with both cleaning and the root canal soon and then I can slowly start saving for the rest cause it won't be that urgent anymore.
Congratulations @AMANTE! 🍾 For finding a good and gentle dentist, too! :)
And good luck also with your root canal and cleaning!
Congratulations from me, too :perfect:!! Your new dentist sounds lovely, great to hear that you got on well with her, and that you did so well :welldone:

I hope the other dentist/endodontist is just as nice and that the RCT won't land you in debt (molar root canal treatments are indeed expensive, unfortunately).

Hopefully, you'll get a chance to celebrate your success :)
Hello, it's me again. I survived another appointment, a deep cleaning one! I was supposed to have a cleaning done two weeks ago but I got sick and had to reschedule and that visit happened today. The hygienist was incredibly sweet and kind and she kept telling me what she was doing, kept asking if I was okay and also recommended me a couple of places to go get my root canal done!
I was really anxious and embarrassed and thought about not going more times than I can count but I'm so proud of myself for going! It did hurt a little bit but it was nothing I couldn't handle, I'd say a 3-4/10 in the pain scale. My teeth feel so nice now and they look better too!! I'm still a little sensitive but I thought it would be muuuuch worse.
Now only to survive the root canal and the cost that comes with it :/ I'll continue updating once I schedule a visit! Thank you everyone for helping me get through this.
Well done @AMANTE :jump: !! Great to hear that it went well and that your teeth feel so much better now! Hopefully the residual sensitivity will wear off soon.

Thanks so much for the update and all the very best with scheduling a visit for the root canal :grouphug: