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24wks pregnant so scared of dentist



Junior member
Jul 22, 2017
Hi everyone first time posting but I'm in agony with a tooth that is totally broken all the way to gum line well I can't feel the tooth above gum I'm 24 wks pregnant so can only have paracetamol which is doing nothing my face is swollen and the pain is unreal I've been dentist to be told I've got to have it out Friday coming but I'm going emergency dentist 2mo morning as I think there is either infection or abscess I'm not bother bout the pain when having it taken out it's the knowing what they are doing and the tugging freaks me out and how long it takes I'm usually put to sleep to have teeth removed but being pregnant that's a no no so I'm not sure what to exspect I'm so scared please help ?
How are you doing? did you get the tooth out? I hope it went ok!!