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26 years old with bottom teeth impacted



Oct 12, 2020
Los Angeles
I am so so terrified.
To the point where I could cry just thinking about it.
I am fragile. In all aspects.
I was low in vitamin D for awhile, still working on bringing levels up.
And vitamin D has a lot to do with bones.
I am having pain in one of my wisdom tooth. And I am scheduled to get it looked at this week.
I already know it’s impacted because I was told in May 2019 that it’s close to a nerve and can cause pain when or if it decided to push its way out. My daughter who is 3 just went through a tooth abscess and if you’ve had one you probably know how scary and painful those are.
I AM NOW TERRIFIED of anything like that happening to me.
Please help me. Ease my mind.
my top wisdoms are out. And fine. As a matter of fact I was just at the dentist for a full exam in September with no cavities.
ohhh I forgot to mention, I prolonged visiting the dentist so much that I ended up with periodontal disease. I cost around 3k to help manage it. As of a few weeks ago periodontal is no longer visible! Yayyyy!!! I take care of my mouth so well now to prevent anything bad from happening. Thinking about going under terrifies me. But also knowing I could hear them breaking my tooth also scared the crap out of me.
Hi Perez818,

it's good that you are having it checked. I am sure your dentist will be able to help you find ways to deal with it.
To my understanding, when you say "I am terrified of anything like that happening to me," what exactly do you mean? Are you afraid you get an abscess? Or is this more about the procedure? You seem to have coped with the upper wisdom teeth removal well. There are options to manage anxiety during a procedure too, no need to hear any breaking tooth sounds. Your dentist will be able to help you find a way to tackle this.

Congrats on managing to get you periodontal disease stabilized, that's great news! :)